VistaTweaker 0.5 Beta

VistaTweaker is a complete tweaking utility designed for Windows Vista. It has software, performance, usability and other kinds of tweaks to improve the overall Vista experience.

It’s easy to use and provides descriptions for every tweak and setting. It is currently in development and features are being added over time. It works on XP and Vista, but there are tweaks that work only on Vista. I will come up with something to let the user know which ones work on XP. It also comes with a setup for U3 devices.

* Added reading structures to check tweaks that are already applied.
* Added writing structures to be able to revert changes made by tweaks.
* Corrected some validations that caused errors in the past.
* Optimization of code to reduce file size.
* When an error occurs, other tweaks are applied correctly.
* U3 ready setup to install it on U3 devices.

VistaTweaker 0.5 Beta

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