Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.5.4

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.5.4 via the Mac OS X Software Update:

The 10.5.4 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:
For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website:

This represents a rapid turnaround for Mac OS X version updates, with the last point upgrade having been released just one month ago (May 28th). The new update, however, is a requirement for some of the features of Apple's upcoming MobileMe service.

Update: Alongside OS X 10.5.4, Apple also released Security Update 2008-004 for users running OS X 10.4.11 and 10.5 - 10.5.3. This security update appears to be included in the OS X 10.5.4 update but has also been made available as a standalone update.

Finally, Apple released Safari 3.1.2 for Mac OS X 10.4.11. This update addresses a WebKit vulnerability that was fixed for Windows XP and Vista users in Safari 3.1.2 for Windows (released June 19th) and for Leopard users with the 10.5.4 update.

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How The FBI Dismantled a BitTorrent Community

There’s no denying it was a very confusing day. For a while the site just didn’t respond for me. The rumors were starting to circulate.

Had the EliteTorrents site really been raided by the FBI? Many furious refreshes later and there it was, a crude webpage with a blood-red background, with a DOJ graphic on one side and an FBI one on the other.

In the middle sat part of the EliteTorrents banner (enlarge).


elite torrents fbi

The page was so crude that it gave the tens of thousands of worried users a little relief - if the FBI was really behind the shutdown they would’ve made a better job of the page design than this, surely? The conclusion I reached along with many others was that this was the work of hackers. Site staff reported that the DNS had been hacked, which at the time was actually relatively good news, as reports started to come in that the site now traced to the Department of Homeland Security.

For many sci-fi fans the site downtime was really badly timed, as they (and just about everyone else) were desperate to get on the site to get the leaked ‘ViSA‘ workprint copy of Star Wars: Episode III. But as time passed you could feel the mood change. Most people knew deep down something was wrong but just didn’t want to admit it. Operation D-Elite had been and now EliteTorrents was gone.

When the confirmation came, it did so via a notice in the site’s IRC channel: “A few of the admins have been raided by the FBI, sorry, but ET [EliteTorrents] is now closed”, closely followed by an announcement by Acting Assistant Attorney General John C. Richter of the Criminal Division, Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement Michael J. Garcia, and Assistant Director Louis M. Reigel of the FBI’s Cyber Division:

This morning, agents of the FBI and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executed 10 search warrants across the United States against leading members of a technologically sophisticated P2P network known as Elite Torrents. Employing technology known as BitTorrent, the Elite Torrents network attracted more than 133,000 members and, in the last four months, allegedly facilitated the illegal distribution of more than 17,800 titles - including movies and software - which were downloaded 2.1 million times.

BitTorrent sites had been shut down before in the United States, such as the LokiTorrent case, but none had been closed down by the FBI - something had changed. The recently introduced Family Entertainment and Copyright Act meant that when EliteTorrents admin Sk0t uploaded Star Wars: Episode III, he didn’t just commit a civil infringement, it was now a serious crime. The huge popularity of the movie meant it was downloaded at least 10,000 times during the first 24 hours with some claiming in the region of 20,000 downloads worldwide, and this was reportedly enough for the MPAA to finally lose its patience and make good on its successful infiltration of the site.

The federal agents involved in the case executed 10 warrants and took control of the server. In a recent interview, Scott McCausland, aka sk0t, an administrator of the site told Slyck: “Star Wars was uploaded… and then it was game over. I awoke one morning to see the FBI warning on the ET site, and thought to myself “Damn, I think we are screwed.” It didn’t dawn on me at the time that I could be a target. I didn’t upload a lot, just a couple movies. But I did Star Wars, so… Then, at 6AM I am woken up to the sounds of 6 FBI, 6 ICE, and 2 Local Police at my front door. They come in, confiscate everything, and that begins my 2+ years saga.”

In the BitTorrent community many people were absolutely furious at the loss of their favorite site, with a passion not seen since the demise of Suprnova. Thousands of others were panicking. Forums and IRC were awash with theories of who had been arrested so far and who would be targeted next by the FBI, and why. Would it be limited to admins? What about the uploaders? Would regular users be chased down? In the end, around 130,000 users had nothing to worry about but some admins and uploaders weren’t so lucky.

In 2006, Scott McCausland pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and one count of criminal copyright infringement for his uploading of Star Wars: Episode III. He received jail time and home confinement and on his release told TorrentFreak: “After 5 months in prison, and another 5 months on home confinement, I have just one obstacle left: my 1.5 years years left of probation.”

Fellow site admin Grant Stanley, then aged 23, pleaded guilty to the same offenses as Scott and received the same sentence with the addition of a $3,000 fine. Other admins and uploaders who pleaded guilty included Sam Kuonen, then aged 24, 22 year old Scott D. Harvanek and An Duc Do, aged 25.

Not everyone arrested in connection with the case pleaded guilty. Daniel Dove, an administrator of the site, opted for a ‘not guilty’ plea. For Dove, the gamble hasn’t paid off. The jury was told that Dove was responsible for managing and recruiting the crucial ‘uploaders’ on the site (original seeders) and that he also operated a server which was used to distribute pirate material. The jury believed it and found him guilty on one count each of conspiracy and felony copyright infringement.

Dove will be sentenced on September 9th 2008 where he, like some of the other admins, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail, but is likely to receive substantially less.

Historically, the EliteTorrents case is an important one. Many BitTorrent trackers used to be hosted in the United States, but had been essentially scared or pressured to leave, largely due to direct or indirect MPAA pressure. Right up until the creation of the Family Entertainment Act, any action against sites would have taken place in the civil domain. The act coming into force gave the FBI the green light to get involved, much to the delight of the MPAA who possessed significant investigative powers but lacked the killer ability to quickly shut down a non-compliant site.

The MPAA loves to issue a stream of data about how much piracy went on at EliteTorrents (and a lot did go on), but it was the seeding of a movie, a single pre-release movie that eventually killed the entire site and caused the imprisonment of the admin team. Clearly the leak did nothing to hurt the movie as it went on to gross nearly $110m in its first weekend and has nearly reached a worldwide total of $1bn. But we knew that anyway.

Despite the massive resources at the disposal of the FBI and supposed importance of the case, the person that originally leaked the Episode 3 workprint copy direct from Lucas is nowhere to be seen.

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Midori - Next operating system from Microsoft

Windows 7 and Windows 7 Server are not the only operating systems under development at Microsoft.

In fact, the Redmond company is cooking a variety of projects involving Windows platforms for everything from mobile phones to embedded devices. And yet, at the same time, the Redmond company is hard at work hammering away at non-Windows operating systems. So far, Microsoft has already made available for download Singularity, but it seems that there is more to new system architecture and operating systems over at Microsoft than meets the eye. Case in point: Midori.

According to Mary Jo Foley, Midori is a project operating system intimately connected built under the lead of Eric Rudder, Senior Vice President, Technical Strategy. Rudder, in his turn, is under the responsibility of Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer, who, together with Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect, has replaced Chairman Bill Gates at the helm of Microsoft.

The Redmond giant is, of course, extremely hush-hush about Midori, but the company, as it has a tradition of letting details slip through its fingers, officially confirmed the existence of Midori, and its connection with Singularity. In this context, Microsoft Research has published a PowerPoint presentation about CHESS: Systematic Testing of Concurrent Programs.

Among the current CHESS applications (work in progress), Microsoft enumerates "Dryad, library for distributed dataflow programming, Singularity/Midori (OS in managed code), user-mode drivers, Cosmos (distributed file system), [and] SQL database". It is clear from the Microsoft Research document that Singularity and Midori are almost one and the same thing, and certainly enough, both non-Windows operating systems written entirely in managed code.

"Singularity is a new operating system being developed as a basis for more dependable system and application software. Singularity exploits advances in programming languages and tools to create an environment in which software is more likely to be built correctly, program behavior is easier to verify, and run-time failures can be contained. A key aspect of Singularity is an extension model based on Software-Isolated Processes (SIPs), which encapsulate pieces of an application or a system and provide information hiding, failure isolation, and strong interfaces," reads a fragment of the whitepaper presenting the Singularity project.

However, there is no telling, at this point in time, where exactly Midori will end up. Microsoft might very well be working on the successor of the Windows operating system, but if it is, it has failed to give any indication in this respect. Singularity has already reached a sufficiently developed stage in order for it to be released for usage via CodePlex.

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C# Example Problems and Solutions

This site contains articles that are focused mostly on C# programming and related topics, such as Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.NET. My goal is to provide a quality resource that is more usable for developers than most documentation. Each article solves a problem in software development. There are RSS and source code links at the bottom.

See how .NET programs manage their memory with these images of garbage collection in action. It's all in my article Garbage Collection Visualizations.


Find out how monsters walk around walls when they are hungry and want to eat brave heroes. Here we implement A-Star Pathfinding in A-Star Pathfinding.


Recursively search folders in C# and list them using Stack in this alternative to the method on MSDN, with my article Recursively Find Files and Directories.


Having helper methods to find various relative dates is very useful. Read about it in my article DateTime Methods for Year and Day Ranges.


Read about ways to sort string arrays in C# and relevant benchmarks in my article Sorting String Array Examples and Benchmark.


One is the loneliest number, but that's what makes singleton patterns and static classes special. Read about it in Singleton Pattern vs. Static Classes.


More efficient in every way than a Dictionary, and used to advance science. See my article Directed Acyclic Word Graph or DAWG.


Read about my Windows project for instantly finding anagrams in my new post called Anagram Open Source in Windows.


Make context menus that respond to their surroundings elegantly in my article ContextMenuStrip Example Usage.


Examine my implementation of a better and more flexible dialog box in my article Customized Dialog Box for Windows, which looks awesome in Vista.


Learn some tips and tricks regarding the DataGridView in .NET that you might not already know, in my article DataGridView Tips and Secrets.


Get started with Microsoft's SQL Compact Edition database with my article SQLCE 3.5 Complete Guide for Beginners.


Read about a common StringBuilder mistake that can greatly decrease the efficiency of your code in StringBuilder Mistake and Benchmark.


Manage your to-do lists like a pro using Visual Studio 2008's special TODO feature. See my article TODO Comments for all the details.


Find out all the details on improving Microsoft Excel interoperability performance in my useful article Excel Interop Performance and Compatibility.


Learn the easiest and coolest way of multithreading in Windows Forms .NET with my cool article BackgroundWorker Threading Introduction.



More :
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Diablo III Officially Announced - Trailers and Screenshots Available

All the conspiracy theories can be put aside now because it’s here: Diablo III has been officially announced.

The splash screen from Blizzard’s site has made everyone go berserk and until today everything seemed possible, even a merger between the Diablo and the Warcraft universes.

The Blizzard Invitational was to be the perfect opportunity for a Diablo III announcement as it fitted right in the timeframe, with Diablo 2 launched on June 29, 2000 and the Lord of Destruction Expansion on June 29, 2001. True, it’s a day early, but nevertheless we will be seeing Diablo III. The game looks quite good although it wasn’t as mind-blowing as I would have expected. It seems to run on the same engine as Starcraft II (especially in terms of fire effects and splash damage) and the interface remains largely the same with mana and health spheres and the same kind of gameplay we were used to. One addition I find more than interesting consists of the red orbs some enemies will leave behind; these will restore your health without you having to resort to potions.

Diablo III still uses an isometric perspective, despite several rumors, but the engine is completely 3D at first glance and supports full physics (some curtains moved when an axe went past them). For the first time ever, players can even use part of the environment against their targets, by collapsing walls and doing other mischievous actions. In the gameplay demo, Blizzard introduced a brand new class, called the Witch Doctor, to show off the cooperative features. This character has power over minds, can summon pets and control disease and it makes for one hell of a sidekick for the barbarian.

Perhaps some will be disappointed that Blizzard hasn’t been more innovative and pushed the Diablo games into a new direction, possibly a 3D perspective like Hellgate London, but I for one am sure they made the perfect choice. It has all the chances to become even more addictive than Diablo II and, if they don’t delay the launch for too long, I’m sure it will be an amazing success. You should check out the trailers below for more goodies. Have Fun!

Diablo 3 Teaser Trailer
Diablo 3 Artwork Trailer
Diablo 3 Gameplay Trailer



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BuddyPress - Transform WordPress MU into a social network platform.

BuddyPress is a set of WordPress MU specific plugins, each plugin adding a distinct new feature. BuddyPress contains all the features you’d expect from WordPress but aims to let members socially interact.

The idea of BuddyPress is to take a standard vanilla installation of WordPress MU and turn it into something that represents more of a community building tool, or niche social network.

BuddyPress is essentially a set of WordPress MU specific plugins. Each plugin adds a distinct feature (or component) to BuddyPress and only handles functionality for that specific component (for example, private messaging). BuddyPress also has a core plugin that all other plugins require, it contains shared functions and performs the basic modifications to the WordPress MU interface.

When using the default theme, BuddyPress will move the main focus of WordPress MU away from blogs, and onto the actual member profile. However, members can still blog and use all the blogging features they would normally expect from WordPress. When someone uses BuddyPress, they will be going there to build or enhance their profile first, and write something on their blog second. The blog is turned into another component of BuddyPress. It should be noted that removing the blog as the main focus is all done in the theme files. Other themes could keep the blog as the focus and still make full use of other components.

A BuddyPress installation will consist of a main community home page, which could either be an actual blog, or a syndication of all the activity of the community members.

The standard features of BuddyPress are:

  • Extended Profiles
  • Personal Blog
  • Private Messaging
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • The Wire
  • Status Updates
  • Albums

As each one is a separate plugin, there is no reason why site admins can’t pick and choose which components they want and don’t want. There is also no reason why additional components couldn’t be written, or other existing WordPress plugins be used alongside.

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Malaysian Government Orders Torrent Sites Shutdown

Reports are coming in that the government in Malaysia has ordered the immediate suspension of many BitTorrent trackers hosted in the country. In a shock move, the government - citing the ‘Copyright Act 1987′ - has ordered hosts to suspend servers hosting BitTorrent sites, pending an investigation. Many sites are offline.

When BitTorrent sites get into legal trouble or other pressures force a move to a new location, the speculation begins on the safest place to go.

For instance, would a site bail out of the Netherlands and move to Canada? Is Canada too dangerous now, and would a move to Sweden be more appropriate? What about moving to Ukraine-based hosting like Demonoid or further afield - China or Russia maybe? Inevitably, discussions usually involve ideas of moving sites east, to countries like Malaysia. Fairly high-tech countries like this seem an attractive proposition, particularly given their government’s track-record in failing to do much about piracy.

Given this background, BitTorrent tracker admins with their sites hosted in Malaysia were confronted by a very unpleasant surprise today. An administrator from a well known tracker contacted TorrentFreak this morning with worrying news, he told us: “Malaysia’s government suddenly forced all torrent websites to shut down today until further notice, a complete surprise to torrent admins and the offshore hosting companies in Malaysia.”

The news was given to this and other site admins, via an email from their hosting provider, which indicates the action has been ordered down from a high level. The email informs the admins that their servers have been suspended by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, under the Copyright Act 1987. As the request came from the government, the host makes it clear they had no choice but to shut down the site. Among the affected sites are Extremebits, Rapthe, Superfundo and several others. According to sources, although torrent sites have been taken offline, other sites dealing in pirate material have also been suspended after the government decided to act on mounting copyright-related complaints.

Prominent Malaysian host Shinjiru confirmed the closures, telling TorrentFreak: “We can confirm that this is accurate. We had enforcement officers from MDTCA visiting the office to confirm the closure of BitTorrent sites hosted on our network. We will comply to all shut down instructions from the local authorities or agencies with warrants or documents.”

Update: Contrary to comments from a site admin, sources close to the situation are saying the shutdowns are limited to a small number of sites and aren’t necessarily part of a wider crackdown, despite government involvement.

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JavaScriptMVC - An open source JavaScript Framework

JavaScript is the most important programming language of this century and despite imposers to the throne (Silverlight/Air), it's only going to get more important.

This statement might ruffle a few feathers but it's difficult to argue against. Over the past 8 years, the most important applications have been web-based. Of the 20 most popular websites, Craigslist is the only site that does not use JavaScript. It's true that most of these websites have small JavaScript components. The parts that aren't JavaScript can be substituted with other languages (C, C++, Ruby, PHP, Java, .Net, etc), but there is no substitute for JavaScript. Ignore it at your peril.

JavaScript is considered by many a difficult language to use. This has less to do with the language itself, and more to do with inconsistent browser implementations. Fortunately, over the past 4 years, a host of freely available libraries started to make those problems disappear. These libraries typically focus on:

  • Browser abstraction
  • Language improvement
  • Widgets and animations
  • Advanced features (Storage, Cross Domain, History)

In 2008, a JavaScript developer CAN build almost anything in a cross-browser manner. But, this stops short of providing a cozy development environment that developers crave. Libraries have rightfully focused on the CAN aspect of development. Now that CAN is complete, the JavaScript community is focusing on tools that provide an answer for HOW to develop an application.

As evident by you spending time reading this article, you're probably a highly intelligent and thoughtful developer. You've probably asked yourself the following:

  • How do I organize my application and keep it maintainable?
  • How do I migrate from development to a test and production environment?
  • How do I use the wealth of libraries effectively?
  • How do I keep my application as light as possible?

If you've found yourself wondering HOW to build your application, you're in luck. JavaScriptMVC answers the question of HOW to develop JavaScript. So start using JavaScriptMVC right now, or at least download it and keep reading how it guides you to successfully completed projects by promoting best practices and maintainability.

Language and Browser abstractions

To enable JavaScriptMVC's high level goals, JavaScriptMVC contains the basic language and browser abstractions of other libraries.

  • Ajax - Updates content without refreshing the page.
  • Class - An easy to use, lightweight class system.
  • Event - Register events without worrying about memory issues.
  • Inflector - Handy string helpers for pluralizing and singularizing strings.
  • Helpers - String, Array, Function and Object extensions.
  • Query - CSS DOM element selection.

And JavaScriptMVC has few advanced features such as:

  • History - provides back, forward, and refresh functionality.
  • Remote - perform cross domain reads and writes.

More :
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Shutdown Genious 2.2.8 - Automatically Shutdown Computer

Automate your PC shutdown, power off, log off, lock work station, hibernate, stand by or screen save etc. It can be started without the user having to login to the machine.

With Auto Shutdown Genius, you can automatically shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, stand by or screen save your computers at schedule date and time, when the computer is idle or when excessive CPU usage.

Auto Shutdown Genius gives you different ways to schedule the shutdown events, such as daily, weekly, only once, the computer idle and CPU usage.

During the shutdown, it can clean up recycle bin, temporary files, IE cache, IE cookies, IE history and recent document list to improve system performance and protect your privacy.

The main program is a windows service. It can be started without the user having to login to the machine and it won't die after the user logs off. This feature is very useful and powerful for server manager and network administrator.

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Activision launches Aerosmith-only "Guitar Hero"

Aerosmith fans can finally get their chance to step into the shoes of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as video game developer Activision Inc (ATVI.O) released its Guitar Hero: Aerosmith game on Friday.


Dozens flocked to the Hard Rock restaurant in Times Square to see the legendary five-member rock band debut the game and try out the latest Guitar Hero addition.


Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford even brought his sons to take a look at the band's creation.

The game features 30 of the band's most notable hits such as "Love in an Elevator" and "Sweet Emotion." It also includes songs from various artists Aerosmith performed and collaborated with over the years, including Run D.M.C.'s "Walk This Way" and "I Hate Myself for Loving You" by Joan Jett.


There is even a special guitar controller emblazoned with the band's red-and-white logo for hard core fans.


The game and guitar controller bundle for Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O) Xbox 360, Sony Corp's (6758.T) PlayStation3 and Nintendo Co Ltd's (7974.OS) Wii sells for $99.99, with an additional PlayStation2 version for $89.99. The game is also sold individually for each of the consoles and costs $59.99 and $49.99, respectively.


The Aerosmith game is the first Guitar Hero edition that focuses on an individual rock band. The previous three versions of the game featured various rock music genres that ranged from grunge, classic rock, metal, punk and '80s hits.


"This is an experiment for us," said Charles Huang, co-founder of Activision's RedOctane unit, which oversees the Guitar Hero franchise. "There are certain artists that have so much great music like Aerosmith, Metallica and Van Halen ... but we wanted to do something much bigger."

The Santa Monica, California-based company said Aerosmith's vast collection of rock hits and elite status in the music industry made the band the ideal choice for the new game.

"There's only a handful of bands that have that longevity," Huang said.

During the game's creation, band members spent two weeks performing in a motion capture studio in order for their video game figures to move exactly as the group performs on stage.


Activision is set to come out with a Metallica Guitar Hero edition in 2009, but declined to specify what month the game will be released.


The company will also release Guitar Hero: World Tour during the Christmas season, which will include a drum set and microphone in addition to the guitar controller. This version will rival Activision's biggest competitor "Rock Band," produced by Viacom Inc's MTV unit (VIAb.N) and Electronic Arts Inc


(Reporting by Jennifer Martinez; editing by Nichola Groom and Andre Grenon)

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23+ Impressive Tools for Faster Javascript/Ajax Development

Javascript applications are still one of the most complex issues when it comes to web-development. Many tools and applications could make your developing life pretty fast and simple. Today we wanted to share with you a wide range of tools and applications that could really help you build, test and debug Javascript and Ajax applications. Let us know your experience with the tools listed here or others that are not.

You might be interested to check other related posts for more useful tools:

Notification Tools

1-Roar - Notifications (v1.0) Roar is a notification widget that streamlines incoming messages, such as updates or errors, without distracting the user from their browser experience or breaking their work-flow by displaying obtrusive alerts.

javascript ajax tools

2-Damn It DamnIT is a free service that emails you when a user encounters a JavaScript error in your webpages.

javascript ajax tools

3-Growl 2.0 with Mootools Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X, it allows applications that support Growl to send you notifications.

javascript ajax tools


4-Google AJAX Language API With the AJAX Language API, you can translate and detect the language of blocks of text within a webpage using only Javascript. The language API is designed to be simple and easy to use to translate and detect languages on the fly when offline translations are not available.

5-Got API An easy to use interface that helps you reach the methods and functions of many JavaScript frameworks by getting the data from trusted sources and websites.

javascript ajax tools

6-WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio WaveMaker’s Studio and Framework provides a powerful solution for rapidly developing web-based applications. Drag & drop assembly of widgets and service, code-free integration of web-services, databases and Ajax UI, and one-touch deployment to standard Tomcat servers all work seamlessly together to let you build complete web apps in hours!

javascript ajax tools


7- SproutCoreSproutCore is a framework for building applications in JavaScript with remarkably little amounts of code. It can help you build full “thick” client applications in the web browser that can create and modify data, often completely independent of your web server, communicating with your server via Ajax only when they need to save or load data.

javascript ajax tools

8-JavaScriptMVCJavaScriptMVC is a framework that brings methods to the madness of JavaScript development. It guides you to successfully completed projects by promoting best practices, maintainability, and convention over configuration.

javascript ajax tools

Amazing Tools

9-Jaxer Jaxer is an Ajax server. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are native to Jaxer, as are XMLHttpRequests, JSON, DOM scripting, etc. And as a server it offers access to databases, files, and networking, as well as logging, process management, scalability, security, integration APIs, and extensibility.

javascript ajax tools

10-The Regulator The Regulator is an advanced, free regular expressions testing and learning tool that allows you to build and verify a regular expression against any text input, file or web, and displays matching, splitting or replacement results within an easy to understand, hierarchical tree.

javascript ajax tools

11-SnippelySnippely is a basic text and code organizational tool. Instead of storing bits of code, quick notes, and memos in text files all over your hard drive, this application will let you save and organize “snippets” in one convenient location.

javascript ajax tools

12-NitobiBugIt’s a browser-based JavaScript object logger and inspection tool - similar to Firebug. NitobiBug runs across different browsers (IE6+, Safari, Opera, Firefox) to provide a consistent and powerful tool for developing rich Ajax applications. You can check a demo here.

javascript ajax tools

13- Google Mashup EditorThe Google Mashup Editor provides simple tools and features that allow you to create mashups in minutes with the following features:

  • A set of tags that compiles into AJAX UI components.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete of gm tags by pressing the tab button
  • Quick access to documentation for any tag by pressing F2
  • File upload and management
  • Error checking and notification

javascript ajax tools

14- Beautify JavascriptThis tool was intended to explore ugly javascripts, e.g compacted in one line, or just make scripts look more readable.

15- ThemeRollerThemeRoller allows you to design custom jQuery UI themes for tight integration in your projects.

javascript ajax tools

16- JSDocJSDoc is a tool that parses inline documentation in JavaScript source files, and produces an documentation of the JavaScript code.

17- Clean AJAX Clean is an open source engine for AJAX, that provides a high level interface to work with the AJAX technology. It was created to solve real problems found on AJAX applications, and is used in many projects. Clean will help you to adopt AJAX saving your time and your code, reducing your learning curve and the code reengineering.

javascript ajax tools

18- Sajax Sajax is an open source tool to make programming websites using the Ajax framework as easy as possible. Sajax makes it easy to call PHP, Perl or Python functions from your webpages via JavaScript without performing a browser refresh. The toolkit does 99% of the work for you so you have no excuse to not use it.

javascript ajax tools

19- JavaScript Code Improver With JavaScript Code Improver you are just one click away from making any JavaScript clear, easily comprehensible and ready for printing thus saving the time you spend on editing, debugging and modifying it.

javascript ajax tools

Browser Addons and Toolbars

20- Greasemonkey Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to customize the way web pages look and function. You can use it to make a web site more readable or more usable. You can fix rendering bugs that the site owner can’t be bothered to fix themselves.

21- Web Developer extension for Firefox This tool is really excellent for quick and easy webdevelopment. It Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

javascript ajax tools

22-Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar The Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar provides a variety of tools for quickly creating, understanding, and troubleshooting Web pages.

23-DebugBar An Internet Explorer plug-in that brings you new powerful features :

  • DOM Inspector: View DOM Tree and modify tags attributes and css attributes on the fly to test your page
  • HTTP Inspector: View HTTP/S request to check cookies, GET and POST parameters, view server info
  • Javascript Inspector and Javascript Console: View javascript functions for easier debugging, see Javascript and AJAX code
  • HTML Validator: Validate HTML code to correct and optimize your code and html size of your page
  • And many more features: See page cookies, get pixel color on a page, make a page screenshot.

javascript ajax tools

24-Firebug Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. It can be downloaded from here.

javascript ajax tools


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Apple releases new iPhone OS 2.0 build, iTunes Remote App, starts accepting apps

Apple has unveiled a slew of updates in preparation for the iPhone 3G and iPhone AppStore launch on July 11th.

SDK 8 Apple has posted the eighth beta of the iPhone SDK to its developer site. Registered developers can now access Beta 8 at the iPhone Dev Center. Release notes reportedly state:

“Beta release 8 is compatible with the final iPhone OS 2.0 release and must be used to build and sign any iPhone OS application to be submitted to the App Store. As a reminder, you must be a member of the iPhone Developer Program to submit apps.”

iTunes 7.7

Beta 8 requires a pre-release version of iTunes 7.7 which introduces MobileMe settings and a new Application syncing tab when the device is connected. You can pick and choose which applications are synced to the iPhone and iPod Touch. MobileMe support allows access to new push email, push calendars, push contacts, and bookmarks delivered over the air to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

iTunes Remote App

This pre-release version of iTunes hints at new functionality for a previously unannounced iPhone and iPod Touch application:

“Use iTunes 7.7 to sync music, video, and more with iPhone 3G, and download applications from the iTunes Store exclusively designed for iPhone and iPod touch with software version 2.0 or later. Also use the new Remote application for iPhone or iPod touch to control iTunes playback from anywhere in your home — a free download from the App Store.”

Apple will be releasing a free app from the App Store that allows you to remotely control iTunes in your home from your iPhone or iPod Touch, presumably using a Wi-Fi connection.

App Acceptance

Apple also sent out an email notice to developers that they are accepting applications to the iTunes App Store. The email reads:

“Get started by downloading the eighth beta version of the iPhone OS, available in the iPhone Dev Center. With this new version of the iPhone OS you can conduct final testing and prepare your application for submission to the App Store.”

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Gates finally steps down at Microsoft

Bill Gates, currently the world's third richest man, will step down today as chairman of Microsoft signalling the end of an era that spans more than three decades.

Sometimes derided as a geek who relied on monopolistic practices to carve out his multi-billion dollar empire, Gates is arguably the only leading figure in the IT industry who can lay claim to being the 20th century's most influential entrepreneur.

Gates co-founded Microsoft with Paul Allen in Albuquerque in 1975 after dropping out of Harvard, with a mission to get a PC in every office and home.

Some 33 years later, more than 90 per cent of the world's desktop PCs run on Windows and virtually all of the world's word processing documents and spreadsheets are created using Microsoft software.

In 1995 Gates officially became the world's richest man with an estimated fortune of more than $12.9bn, but then endured several years of gruelling uncertainty in a bruising antitrust case with the US government that threatened the break up of the company.

In June 2006, he announced his intention to step down as Microsoft chairman by July 2008 to devote his life to full-time philanthropy through the Global Health and Development Program run by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates will stay on as Microsoft chairman in a ceremonial capacity, but his day-to-day efforts will now focus on the eradication of malaria and the development of an Aids vaccine, among other projects in the developing world.

Gates leaves behind him a triumvirate of chief executive Steve Ballmer, chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie and chief software architect Ray Ozzie.

The trio are charged with fending off the growing popularity of open source software and competition from relative newcomers such as Google.

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Ajax Code Libraries and Tools

Code libraries and loots for the development of your Ajax based applications. These days Ajax has been used for the development of responsive web application making it more user friendly. You can make your application's interface like gmail interface.

  1. Chickenfoot firebox
    Chickenfoot is a Firefox extension that puts a programming environment in the browser's sidebar so you can write scripts to manipulate web pages and automate web browsing. In Chickenfoot, scripts are written in a superset of JavaScript that includes special functions specific to web tasks. Fixed some bugs related to packaging Chickenfoot scripts as standalone extensions. Exported Chickenfoot scripts were trying to find the chickenfoot/setup directory in the end-user’s Firefox profile directory. If the end-user had never installed Chickenfoot, this directory would not exist, causing the extension to crash.
  2. Mouse wheel programming in JavaScript
    Web applications are becoming more and more like “normal” desktop applications. Of course, they are more and more functional, but smooth user interface acts the primary role. So we have drag and drop, autocompletition, and much more. Many of those nice features got possible only with help of AJAX. This page, however, is not about AJAX (or any other buzzword). It is about rather simple user input method -- mouse wheel. I believe it would now be difficult to find a mouse without wheel. Vast majority of users are used to the wheel as a control for scrolling in lists, zooming etc. Rather few web applications, however, make smart use of mouse wheel. This page is to provide you with general information about handling mouse wheel-generated events in JavaScript programming language.
  3. JavaScript Sound Kit
    The JavaScript Sound Kit is a wrapper around the ActionScript Sound Object, it makes it possible to use the Sound Object in JavaScript the same way you do it in ActionScript. The API works almost the same way as the ActionScript Sound Object. The JavaScript Sound Kit works by calling a Sound Object in a flash movie with a sound class bridge implemented. The magic happens by using the External Interface available on the flash plugin version 8.
  4. Hibernate, Spring, Echo2 Base Application
    This project is designed as a base application and guide for building AJAX applications using Hibernate, Spring, and Echo2. It is intentionally left sparse (It contains only a group and user editor) so that it can be used as a base for a full blown application. All three technologies are matched cohesively together to provide a robust base for your AJAX applications. Security:
    Allows username/password logon, logoff, and permission checking.
    Permissions can be queried using has Permission(), or enforced using require Permission().
    Enforcement is done in the business tier.
  5. XAP: Extensible AJAX Platform
    XAP is an XML-based declarative framework for building, deploying and maintaining rich, interactive Ajax powered web applications. It aims to reduce the need for scripting and help solve the development and maintenance challenges associated with large scale JavaScript programming. XAP provides:
    * Declarative rich user interface via XML; * Data binding for connecting UI to data. * Incremental update of web pages in a declaratively and programmatically. * A "plugin architecture" allowing developers to define their own XML tags to provide behavior and UI or even use a completely different XML syntax.
  6. Project jMaKi
    jMaki is all about enabling Java developers to use JavaScript in their Java based applications as either a JSP tag library or a JSF component. jMaki uses the best parts of Java and the best parts of JavaScript to deliver a rich AJAX style widgets. jMaki currently provides bootstrap widgets for many components from Dojo,, Yahoo UI Widgets, Spry, DHTML Goodies, and Google. jMaki provides a common interfaces to these widget libraries and allows you to use these libraries together in the same page. Play with the jMaki sample application running live at For more on running the code on your own server see Running the jMaki Sample Application.
  7. Protowidget
    I’d like to introduce a new JavaScript/Ajax framework that my company is creating. We’re calling it Protowidget because it uses Prototype and does things with widgets. And yes, we know it’s 2006 and this is something like the 800th Ajax framework released this year. We think this one is new and different, though (of course, every parent thinks their baby is beautiful). It is being created out of real needs while building applications for customers and is helping us create better stuff. Please note that this is just a preview. Not everything works like it should or has been tested to the degree we would like. In particular, under certain circumstances, the library leaks memory. We know what needs to change to fix this but haven’t gotten to it yet.
  8. WidgetServer
    In the beginning WidgetServer was intended to be an alternative to XML/GUI and XUL frameworks with the difference that WidgetServer supports multiple target technologies from one single binary application and configuration set:
    * Swing standalone applications or fat Clients,
    * Swing Client/Server application with a rich thin Swing Client,
    *Web applications based on HTML, CSS, if needed JavaScript,
    * and MulitChannel applications which support a mixed Client environment.
    * WidgetServer is prepared for other channels like SWT, mobile etc.
  9. Rhino in Spring
    Rhino in Spring is a project that intends to integrate Mozilla Rhino JavaScript interpreter, the interpreter for the best (in our opinion) dynamic language on the Java platform with Spring Framework, the also best (again, in our opinion) enterprise framework on the Java platform. The aim is to provide a system that amalgamates the rapid development benefits and flexibility of a dynamic language with the strength, scalability and versatility of the Java platform and the Spring framework. At the moment, the project delivers a controller component for Spring MVC that allows complex control flows spanning several webpages in web applications to be expressed as a single structured algorithm in JavaScript, putting the rich set of control flow structures and function reusability of a full-blown language at your fingertips.
  10. Spry framework for Ajax
    The Spry framework for Ajax is a JavaScript library for web designers that provides functionality that allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users. It is designed to bring Ajax to the web design community who can benefit from Ajax, but are not well served by other frameworks. The first release of the Spry framework was a preview of the data capabilities that enable designers to incorporate XML data into their HTML documents using HTML, CSS, and a minimal amount of JavaScript, without the need for refreshing the entire page. The Spry framework is HTML-centric, and easy to implement for users with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The framework was designed such that the markup is simple and the JavaScript is minimal. The Spry framework can be used by anyone who is authoring for the web in their tool of choice. This is the 4th pre-release of Spry. In this release, we are introducing Spry Effects: JavaScript behaviors that provide animation and color effects for page elements.
  11. The Ajax Engine
    AJAX is a technology that enables web applications to call the webserver without leaving the actual page. It's possible to do this in the background without notice of the user. This avoids loading the same form or page including the html markup multiple times, reduces the network traffic and increases the user acceptance. The AJAX Engine that you can find here is built upon the webservice standard protocols SOAP and WSDL for transferring the data between the browser client and the web server instead of using a new or proprietary protocol.
    The key part of this engine is a small webservice client written in JavaScript and a state engine that controls the asynchronous communication. The benefit of that approach is that there is no need to invent new protocols and that the webservice framework on the server can be reused.
  12. The Dojo Foundation
    Dojo is Open Source software, distributed by a non-profit foundation which has been set up for the purpose of providing a vendor-neutral owner of Dojo intellectual property. The goals of all Foundation licensing decisions are to:
    * Encourage adoption
    * Discourage political contention
    * Encourage collaboration and integration with other projects
    * Be transparent
  13. What is JSMX?
    JSMX is an Ultra Lightweight - Language Agnostic - Ajax Framework. It is by far the easiest way to integrate Ajax into any Web Application. What separates JSMX from most other Ajax Frameworks is that the JSMX API runs entirely on the client and has no Server Side Components to install. Given this fact plus the fact that you can pass back JavaScript, XML, JSON, or WDDX makes JSMX a truly Universal Ajax API. Originally designed for ColdFusion developers by leveraging ColdFusion's native ability to quickly build server-side generated JavaScript it became (and still is) a very efficient choice as an Ajax API for the ColdFusion Community. But ColdFusion developers aren't the only ones who can take advantage of this small but powerful API. JSMX has been extended to support XML, JSON, and now WDDX while remaining completely backward compatible to it's original user base. With no Server Side Modules to install and with so many data-exchange options, JSMX is now the perfect choice for fast Ajax integration for ANY language.
  14. What is CFAjax?
    CFAjax is the AJAX implementation for coldfusion. It makes coldfusion method calls on server directly from HTML page using JavaScript and return backs the result to the calling HTML page. CFAjax comes with simple to use JavaScript API and simple coldfusion implementation that marshal’s the response between your CF methods and HTML page. Using CFAjax you can create highly interactive websites with greater performance and usability. Implementing authentication in CFAjax. If you are concerned about exposing your CFAjax logic/functions to outside world and want to prevent other websites from stealing/using your content, there are three authentication mechanism that you can implement in CFAjax to prevent unauthorized access.
  15. AjaxCFC
    AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is not a technology, but an umbrella that combines several concepts to enrich user experience by allowing server interaction without refreshing the browser. AjaxCFC is a ColdFusion framework meant to speed up ajax application development and deployment by providing developers seamless integration between JavaScript and ColdFusion, and providing built-in functions, such as security and debugging, to quickly adapt to any type of environment and helping to overcome cross-browser compatibility problems.
  16. Ajason JavaScript
    AJASON is a PHP 5 library and JavaScript client for the upcoming Web technology called AJAX. AJAX permits data to be fetched asynchronously without the need for reloading the Web page and thus allows the development of interactive GUI-like Web applications. JSON is a lightweight data interchange format which is used by AJASON to exchange data between server and client. The key features of AJASON are:
    * Fully object oriented code in PHP 5 and JavaScript
    * Call PHP functions and object methods from JavaScript asynchronously
    * Exchange even complex data types like arrays and objects (precisely object properties) between server and client
    * Use JavaScript callback functions to process server responses
    * Client side error reporting for server side AJASON errors
    * Open source released under the GNU GPL
  17. ICEfaces Ajax
    ICEfaces Community Edition is an Ajax application framework that enables J2EE application developers to easily create and deploy thin-client rich web applications in pure Java. ICEfaces Community Edition is a fully featured product that Java developers can use to develop new or existing J2EE applications at no cost. ICEfaces' revolutionary Direct-to-DOM (D2D) rendering technology and Ajax Bridge
    empowers developers to quickly produce sophisticated and robust J2EE applications that exhibit the following characteristics:
    * Smooth, incremental page updates with in-place editing and no full page refresh.
    * Asynchronous page updates driven from the application in real time.
    * Fine-grained user interaction during form entry that augments the standard submit/response loop.
    * User context preservation during page update, including scrollbar positioning and user focus.  
  18. Javeline Framework
    Javeline FrameWork does away with traditional page-based interfaces on the Internet. Web applications can now behave exactly like a desktop application. Javeline FrameWork includes familiar controls such as trees and buttons that enable developers to build interactive, data-bound applications that automatically update their data without round trips to the server. With the included Skinning Engine designers can create a custom look & feel, using familiar, established technology such as CSS and XHTML. Data is delivered to the application via Javeline TelePort, making Javeline FrameWork applications agnostic of back-end technology. Javeline TelePort takes care of the communication between the client and the server. It elegantly handles errors, time-outs and retry. TelePort features an advanced polling interface for controlling reconnecting and polling frequency. Javeline TelePort has built-in support for XML-RPC, SOAP, JSON, REST, Comet and Javeline FrameWork-specific protocols.
  19. My-BIC Ajax
    My-BIC provides support for XML, JSON and TEXT ajax transactions. My-BIC has also been tested to work with Safari, Firefox, IE and Opera web browsers. That's the front controller that runs the server side. I provide 2 server side pieces and you supply the rest. Please visit the tutorials section to see how easy most things are. The high level overview is you make a xmlhttp request to a server page named "mybic_server.php" which reads a $_REQUEST['action'] variable to find out what class it needs to load. The nice thing about having a front controller style on the server side is you can add security layers in one file which get handled on every ajax request. Let's say someone doesn't like you and decides to write a script that sends bad data nonstop to all your ajax pages.
  20. Ajax Toolkit Frameworks
    AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) provides extensible tools for building IDEs for the many different AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) run-time environments (such as Dojo, Zimbra, etc.). This technology also contains features for developing, debugging, and testing AJAX applications. The framework provides enhanced JavaScript editing features such as edit-time syntax checking; an embedded Mozilla Web browser; an embedded DOM browser; and an embedded JavaScript debugger. An additional and unique aspect of the framework is the Personality Builder function, which assists in the construction of IDE features for arbitrary AJAX run-time frameworks and thus adds to the supported set of run-time environments in the ATF.
  21. SAJAX Simple Ajax Toolkit
    Get support from the people who made Ajax easy for the masses. If your staff needs a helping hand with your Ajax project, we now offer commercial support and consulting. Email support for the Sajax library starts at an affordable $199 per year. We can help you build your project for rates from $150 per hour. Contact us for more information. Sajax itself remains under the open source BSD license. Sajax is an open source tool to make programming websites using the Ajax framework - also known as XMLHTTPRequest or remote scripting  as easy as possible. Sajax makes it easy to call PHP, Perl or Python functions from your webpages via JavaScript without performing a browser refresh. The toolkit does 99% of the work for you so you have no excuse to not use it.
  22. Get Elements By Tag Names
    HTML has several related elements with distinct tag names, like h1-h6 or input, select and textarea. getElementsByTagName works only on elements with the same tag name, so you cannot use it to get a list of all headers or all form fields. The getElementsByTagNames script (note the plural "names") takes a list of tag names and returns an array that contains all elements with these tag names in the order they appear in the source code. This is extremely useful for, for instance, my ToC script, which needs all h3s and h4s in the document in the correct order. I'd have  loved to add this method to the Node prototype, but that's impossible in Explorer and Safari. Therefore I use it as a normal function until all browsers expose their W3C DOM prototypes.
  23. JavaScript Component for AJAX
    AJAX Client Engine (ACE) is a JavaScript component that makes it easy to develop AJAX-style Web applications.
    * Object-oriented API. The component encapsulates the details of creating and calling the XMLHTTPRequest object completely. It provides an object-oriented API that is simple and yet powerful. The user only need become familiar with three JavaScript classes, Engine, Request, and Response, to access all the functionality of the XMLHTTPRequest object as well as additional framework services.
    * Cross-browser support. The component handles the differences between Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers in creating the XMLHTTPRequest object, transforming XML documents, and so on.
    * Request option. The user can make either an asynchronous or a synchronous request by either providing a callback function or not.
  24. Rialto - Rich Internet Application Toolkit
    Rialto (Rich Internet Application Toolkit) is ajax-based cross browser JavaScript widgets library. Because it is technology agnostic it can be encapsulated in JSP, JSF, .Net, Python or PHP graphic components. Nowadays it supports pure JavaScript development and JSP/taglib development. A JSF, pyhton, .Net and PHP integration are on the road. The purpose of Rialto is to ease the access to rich internet application development to corporate developers. Ideally a Rialto developer have neither need to write or understand DHTML, Ajax or DOM code.
  25. PAJAJ: PHP Asynchronous JavaScript and JSON
    You do not have to be an expert at PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to use the framework. You can do most, if not all, your coding in PHP, and the framework will generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for you. There are object for most of the HTML element, with method to manage common task, like updating the content of a Div or items in a forms Select pull down. A lot of the other frames include a simple example that is anything but simple. the framework supports 3 different development models: i. the developer develops the whole application and interface in PHP, since the framework knows about HTML elements you want to interact with, i.e. there are objects for Select, Div, Table with instances with unique IDs; it is easy to have the framework generate simple html and CSS for you. ii. A designer generate a pretty but dump page, and you then hook events to it to make it a real application.  iii. You design an interface as a template, and have the framework make html, CSS, JavaScript that you pore into the template.
  26. Ajax jsquery
    An implementation of an AJAX JavaScript data generation server, http client, and client result set Uses a JavaScript http client to dynamically map the results of data requests from a Java application server to a web browser HTML form without requiring refresh or page submit (similar to Google Suggest). Server side data can be SQL via JDBC, an object relational mapping using a tool such as Hibernate, returned from a server connecting a group of peers or pipelined from another source like a SOAP server. In other words, jsquery allows the pages in your web application to dynamically get new information from the a server application without requiring a page refresh. 
  27. Sack Ajax JavaScript
    SACK and will be, over the next little while, updated with resources and tutorials about how to use SACK to enhance your webpages. Maybe it will even give you some ideas! If you come up with something special please let me know, I’d love to hear from people that are using my SACK in their projects or products. The same goes for any suggestions, please tell me how I can make this better. SACK 1.2 is included with WordPress 2.0, which makes me happy beyond words, newer versions of SACK should work with no problems in WordPress. Full documentation of the classes methods and variables is available here. However this information is included in the zip package as well. It should be more than you need, but if you have any trouble then please let me know: The aim is to make everything simple, so if you are confused I need to fix something.                             
  28. JS Eclipse
    JSEclipse is the best and most popular JavaScript plugin for the Eclipse environment. Its benefits are visible from the simplest tasks like editing small sections of code for your site to the more complex ones like working with the next big AJAX library or developing plugins for a product that embeds JavaScript like Dreamweaver or Photoshop. JSEclipse offers several licensing options, out of which one will surely fit your needs. Read more about the licensing scheme. You can also use the unrestricted free for non-commercial use version.
  29. Ajax any where
    Ajax Anywhere is designed to turn any set of existing JSP or JSF components into AJAX-aware components without complex JavaScript coding. In contrast to other solutions, Ajax Anywhere is not component-oriented. You will not find here yet another AutoComplete component. Simply separate your web page into multiple zones, and use Ajax Anywhere to refresh only those zones that needs to be updated.
    How to work: 1. Mark "reload-capable" zones of a web page with AjaxAnywhere custom tags. 2. Instead of submitting a form in traditional way, do it by AjaxAnywhere javascript API. 3. During request processing on the server-side, determine the zones to refresh.  4. On the server-side AjaxAnywhere will generate an XML containing only the "updated" HTML. 5. On the client-side AjaxAnywhere javascript will receive the XML, parse it and update the selected zones.
  30. PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET
    Imagine creating rich web applications that don't flash when posting data to the carts that dynamically confirm customer information, inventory, shipping costs, and discounts using server-side applications that update rates without the usual flicker...sports applications that update scores in real time...all with simple drag and drop ASP.NET controls. PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is a suite of 21 Web Controls that allow you to raise server-side callbacks and update form elements without reloading the entire HTML page. They are a direct replacement for many standard Microsoft controls, allowing you to manipulate client-side objects or send data to the client without disrupting the user experience with a page refresh.
  31. World's Easiest JavaScript AJAX ToolKit
    AJFORM is a JavaScript toolkit which simply submits data from any given form in an HTML page, then sends the data to any specified JavaScript function. AJFORM degrades gracefully in every aspect. In other words, if the browser doesn't support it, the data will be sent through the form as normal. It has been successfully tested on: * Mozilla FireFox 1.0+  * Netscape 7.0+  * Internet Explorer 5.5+ for Windows * Safari 1.2+  * Opera 7.6+ .
  32. Ajax JSP Tag Library
    The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages. AJAX is primarily rooted in JavaScript. However, many server-side developers do not have an extensive knowledge of client-side programming in the browser. It's much easier in some cases for J2EE developers, especially, to simply add a JSP tag to the page to gain the function desired. This tag library fills that need by not forcing J2EE developers to write the necessary JavaScript to implement an AJAX-capable web form. The tag library provides support for live form updates for the following use cases: auto complete based on character input to an input field, select box population based on selections made from another field, callout or balloon popup for highlighting content, refreshing form fields, and toggling images and form field states on/off.
  33. JavaScript to Java AJAX communications library
    JSON-RPC-Java is a key piece of Java web application middleware that allows JavaScript DHTML web applications to call remote methods in a Java Application Server without the need for page reloading (now refered to as AJAX). It enables a new breed of fast and highly dynamic enterprise Web 2.0 applications. JSON-RPC-Java is a dynamic JSON-RPC implementation in Java. It allows you to transparently call server-side Java code from JavaScript with an included lightweight JSON-RPC JavaScript client. It is designed to run in a Servlet container such as Tomcat and can be used with JBoss and other J2EE Application servers to allow calling of plain Java or EJB methods from within a JavaScript DHTML web application.
  34. Introduction to JSON
    JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language, Standard ECMA-262 3rd Edition - December 1999. JSON is a text format that is completely language independent but uses conventions that are familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and many others. These properties make JSON an ideal data-interchange language. JSON is built on two structures:
    * A collection of name/value pairs. In various languages, this is realized as an object, record, struct, dictionary, hash table, keyed list, or associative array.
    * An ordered list of values. In most languages, this is realized as an array, vector, list, or sequence.
  35. Introduction to the Simple Web Framework
    The Simple Web Framework (SWF) is a Java framework for creating Web applications and occupies the same architectural niche as Struts and JSF. Unlike Struts and similar to JSF, the SWF is based on a server side event system. Unlike Struts or JSF, the SWF supports In place Page Updating, or IPU. With IPU, an event is posted through an XmlHttpRequest channel rather than as a form submit, as is the case with JSF. The result returned to the browser is not a full page, but only the page fragments that have been changed (dirty regions) by the event. The SWF refreshes the dirty fragments in place, without reloading the page. With IPU, the page will not lose its scroll position, JavaScript variables will not be lost, and a host of other behavioral improvements that help you create a richer application. The SWF also fully supports links and submit type events, like JSF, for when you want (or need) to use full Page reloads.
  36. AjaxAC - Open-souce PHP framework for AJAX
    AjaxAC is an open-source framework written in PHP, used to develop/create/generate AJAX applications. The fundamental idea behind AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is to use the XMLHttpRequest object to change a web page state using background HTTP sub-requests without reloading the entire page. It is released under the terms of the Apache License v2.0. Features 
    The basic idea behind AjaxAC is that you create an AjaxAC application, which in itself contains a number of action handlers and event handlers. An application in this context might mean an entire web site powered by AJAX, or it could mean a subset of a form.
    * All application code is self-contained in a single class (plus any additional JavaScript libraries)
    * Calling PHP file / HTML page is very clean. All that is required is creating of the application class, then referencing the application JavaScript and attaching any required HTML elements to the application.
    * Built in functionality for easily handling JavaScript events.
  37. Flexible Ajax Framework
    Flexible Ajax is a handler to combine the remote scripting technology, also known as AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), with a php-based backend. The AJAX Technique is best described in the wikipedia article and the original article on, giving the technique the name AJAX. Basically, Flexible Ajax is the tool to call php functions from within javascript and handle the returned values, without having to reload the entire page. Facts about Flexible Ajax
    * written in PHP5 using object-oriented code
    * consists of a client and a server handler
    * allows separation of client side-code and server side-code
    * get and post methods supported
    * easy to implement into existing co
  38. Introducting xajax 0.2.4
    xajax is an open source PHP class library that allows you to easily create powerful, web-based, Ajax applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Applications developed with xajax can asynchronously call server-side PHP functions and update content without reloading the page. The xajax PHP object generates JavaScript wrapper functions for the PHP functions you want to be able to call asynchronously from your application. When called, these wrapper functions use JavaScript's XMLHttpRequest object to asynchronously communicate with the xajax object on the server which calls the corresponding PHP functions. Upon completion, an xajax XML response is returned from the PHP functions, which xajax passes back to the application. The XML response contains instructions and data that are parsed by xajax's JavaScript message pump and used to update the content of your application.

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