Samsung Gear VR Coming in December

Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR innovator Edition for Note four is on the market for pre-registration beginning these days from Samsung, with delivery within the US slated for early December.

There'll be 2 versions available: for $249, you’ll receive the headset bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad; for $199, you’ll receive the headset standalone.


Samsung partner oculus, that proclaimed the price in an exceedingly post, additionally says you'll be able to currently transfer the oculus Mobile SDK.

Which, just in case you are not acquainted, is that the software system that developers got to build apps, games, and different VR experiences for the Gear VR and any future VR headsets based on android.

If that describes you, perhaps you will need to download that, yes?

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Revealed – Skype for Web Beta

skype-logo-open-graphSkype has been breaking down barriers to communication for over a decade by being at the forefront of period voice and video.

During this time we’ve created Skype obtainable on computers, mobile phones, TVs and even games consoles.

Increasing to totally different platforms has helped us grow to over two billion daily minutes (that’s over thirty three million hours) of voice and video calls. 

Today, we’ve got some exciting news. We’re commencing to roll-out a different approach of using Skype.

Now, not solely will Skype be used on with regards to any screen you lay your hands on, however you'll be able to conjointly fancy Skype on a browser. Welcome, Skype for web (Beta).

Skype for web makes it faster and easier than ever before to attach with friends, family and colleagues round the world, for free of charge – directly from It’s excellent if you favor using the online instead of an app: maybe you’re sitting at a laptop that doesn’t have already got Skype downloaded. or even you’re on the go and using an online cafĂ© or building laptop while on vacation wherever you can’t transfer Skype in any respect. using Skype for web makes it additional convenient to induce to your conversations.

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Ho to get more clicks on Facebook?

facebook-strategyThey tested all the best advice to get more clicks on Facebook. Here’s what worked..

Read below to see which tips and strategies worked best for the Buffer Facebook page.

There are tons of strategies out there, and you can find one that works for your page.



First things first, if I wanted to know which Facebook strategies might move the needle, I needed to see where the needle was at the beginning. I had to have a baseline of how our Buffer Facebook page was performing so I could compare how well each of the tests worked.

Here’s a look at the past 90 days of data on Buffer’s Facebook page.

  •     Average post reach – 652
  •     Average post clicks – 49
  •     Average post comments – 1.3
  •     Average post reshares – 1.6
  •     Average post likes – 4.5

I was excited to improve these numbers and to put into practice much of the great advice out there on how to share to Facebook. Here is a list of the techniques I tried.

  1. Post to Facebook at non-peak times
  2. Post more frequently to Facebook – six times per day
  3. Post less frequently to Facebook – once per day
  4. Ask questions in the updates
  5. Change the style of the update
  6. Post only link updates
  7. Post different types of images with the links

Below are the results from the tests. You’ll notice that for each test I’m including the average and the median stats because on occasion the average might have been skewed a bit by a single outlier (a post that got seen by 3,500 people, for instance).

Also, our social media strategy focuses a lot on clicks and reach, so those two stats will be highlighted the most.

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