Some weakness of the iPhone

captured_Image.png[6]With a variety of applications that are added, making the output of Apple products is the nearest competitor in the class of the Blackberry smart phone.

However, the severity iPhone 3G appeared to have weaknesses that make this product get a 'rift' brands rather than the other.

As quoted from PC Magazine, Saturday (14/3/2009), the system software iPhone 3.0, have a list of weaknesses:

1. Can not cut and paste. Although simple and unimportant, editing is a case the rather important. And after the iPhone 3G, features cutting and copy any posts is no more in this gadget.
2. Not support with the MMS. Clearly, this will more difficult, because with the MMS is not supported, then you can not send images directly.
3. Can not record video. One odd thing is, if the gadget that is already has the top level of technology, but can not record video well.
4. If iPhone users are running some applications such as Twitter, or instant messaging, the user can not read the messages with the quick and concise.
5. Finally, iPhone is often not energy efficient. This means that many applications that are used will make batteries in gagdet is easy-out. So, will be pitied when using a very wide variety of applications, the battery used quickly exhausted.

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A few more changes from Beta to RC…

Hey folks, just wanted to provide another update (building on the recent post on some changes since Beta) on some of the changes you will see in the Release Candidate.  Again, there are many and this is not an exhaustive list.  Of course we continue to gather telemetry from the large number of people running the Beta full time. 

Just a reminder, the Beta is the only official build from Microsoft.  Chaitanya compiled this list from a broad set of feature teams focused on visible changes based on feedback that go beyond “bug fixes”, though we included some of the more widely reported bugs on this list as well. –Steven

Desktop Experience

1. Improved taskbar thumbnail overflow

Our customers are enjoying how windows are grouped and revealed on the enhanced taskbar. Some enthusiasts who have a significant number of open windows for a program encounter our scaling mechanism; the thumbnail view turns into a list view. Although this UI is virtually identical to experience in XP and Vista, customers still want to enjoy new functionality of the thumbnail view. Bentronic wrote, “It's nice that there's a little close button on the thumbnail previews--why not have a similar button for when it's showing as a list?  Being able to run down the list clicking the close button instead of right-clicking would be great.” For RC we’ve made the list view architecturally the same as the thumbnail view, just sans thumbnails. Customers will now enjoy close buttons and the menus open on hover (in Beta one had to click to open them).

Fig 1.

List View of running windows appears on hover and supports close

List View of running windows 7 appears on hover and supports close

2. Control Panel Jump List

Right-clicking on the Control Panel icon on the taskbar in Beta revealed a noticeably sparse Jump List. A few people such as Britney told us “Should most recently used items be displayed in the Jump List of the CPL when pinned to the taskbar? Something should be shown and nothing is there right now”. In RC the Control Panel Jump List offers quick access to recently used items.

Fig 2.

The Control Panel Jump List now surfaces recently used items

The Control Panel Jump List now surfaces recently used items on windows 7

2. PowerShell Jump List

By default PowerShell in Beta launched a streamlined console. Customers could load optional modules via distinct shortcuts in the Start Menu. We heard from you that this was a confusing experience. Additionally, PowerShell did not surface a way to launch related tasks such as the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) from within their console experience. PowerShell now has a robust Jump List that affords a method to load modules, launch the ISE and open documentation.

3. Remote Desktop Jump List

Rajeev made us smile with his comment, “Being able to add my Remote Desktop shortcut to the taskbar—good. Saving settings and showing them in the Recent items section—awesome. Being able to pin the connections in the Jump List, so they always appear—priceless!” Well, Rajeev and others who shared this request, you will be enjoy this functionality in RC.

4. Applying taskbar settings

Have you ever customized the taskbar, only to find your changes were not saved across sessions? Has the taskbar ever inexplicably moved on you after you log in? For a variety of reasons, previous versions of Windows saved taskbar settings only after Explorer exited at the end of a session. However, if the OS is not shutdown properly these settings did not persist. Based on the bugs we saw from Beta, we decided to change our architecture and write these settings within 30 seconds (providing enough time to batch a group of changes) during the session. This means settings will now be more reliable.


5. Multi-touch zoom

One of the pieces of feedback we heard from the Beta was that customers enjoy the new multi-touch zoom feature, but wish it was supported in Windows Explorer.  In response to this feedback we have added support for the zoom gesture in Windows Explorer.  Using the zoom gesture you can switch between view modes in Explorer such as zooming from Small Icons to Extra Large icons.

Windows Explorer and Libraries

6. Invert Selection

In an effort to make improvements to performance, network bandwidth and memory footprint for various scenarios (e.g. libraries, search and search federation), we rearchitected the implementation of the view code in Windows Explorer. As part of this we did not to port “Invert Selection” since this rarely used feature is pretty complex to implement in the context of virtualized lists.  Despite the small percentage of usage we’ve recorded, those who missed it have been pretty vocal :-)  On one of the blog posts, GGreig summarized what we heard from several of you—“Invert Selection; that's a useful - sometimes absolutely invaluable - little piece of functionality, and I definitely don't want to see it go…Please reinstate Invert Selection.” Given the feedback from enthusiasts, we added back the functionality for RC.

7. Going up?

We’ve heard feedback, especially from those on this blog,  that in Windows 7 moving up in the folder hierarchy often requires multiple clicks since longer folder names in the address bar often bump the parent folder into the overflow dropdown.

For RC, we’ve improved the overflow algorithm so that the parent folder’s button will appear in the address bar at all times and therefore going ‘up’ will always be a single click away in a predictable location.  When there isn’t enough room to display the parent folder’s full name, it will appear truncated instead of going into the overflow.  If space is especially tight, then the current folder’s name may appear truncated too, but in all cases the parent folder’s button will remain as a click target in the address bar. 

In addition to making the address bar an even better tool for navigating ‘up’ in Explorer, this change also makes it easier to tell where your are as you navigate around since you can now see at least part of the parent folder’s name.  It also avoids introducing any more redundant buttons to the Explorer frame and hence taking away any more screen space from being able to see your address. Also, it goes without saying that if you navigate into a folder, you can still use the back button to go back up.  And the keyboard shortcut is also available.

Fig 3.

In Beta, a parent folder would collapse into an overflow dropdown

beta parent folder on windows 7

Fig 4.

In RC, parent folders always remain within single click access

RC parent folder on windows 7

8. Finding music by artist

We covered several of the improvements to arrangement views in the last post, but one we did not mention is that the “Artist” view in the Music Library now accounts for album artists and compilation albums.  ShadowChaser summarized some feedback we heard from a number of customers in a comment: “The only concern I still have is with the ‘Artist’ view… it groups by ‘Contributing Artist’, not ‘Album Artist.’”  Grouping only by contributing artist results in too many artists showing up and tracks from the same album getting split up in cases where customers didn’t expect.  In RC, the “Artist” view in the Music Library groups together multiple tracks from an album by the common “Album Artist” property when it is available, groups tracks from compilation albums together into a “Various Artists” group and finally resorts to grouping by “Contributing Artist”.  This reduces clutter when browsing music collection by artist, in addition to improving consistency with artist views in other applications and devices.

9. New folder is always available

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback during Beta about adding a top level “New folder” button in Explorer, freeing customers from digging into submenus.  A common complaint we received, however, was that the button only appeared when nothing is selected.  For RC, we’ve changed this so the “New folder” button will always appear, regardless of selection.

10. Right-click in Windows Explorer

For RC we’ve changed the behavior when right-clicking items in the view to address concerns customers were reporting with the Beta.  We heard feedback that it was too hard to find space and get to the view’s background context menu for items such as New and Paste.  Previously if one right-clicked over any portion of an item she would get the item’s context menu.  We now show the view’s context menu when one clicks on any large white space, including the space between a files name and its properties.

11. Content view for search results

For RC we’ve adjusted the behavior when right-clicking items in the view to address concerns customers were reporting with the Beta.  We heard feedback that it was too hard to find space

Content view is the new view mode we’ve added to Windows Explorer for Windows 7.  It’s especially useful for search results where it surfaces the most relevant properties for each kind of file (e.g. documents, email, pictures and music) as well as a contextual “snippets” of the file content where the search term match occurred.   There are a few changes here in the RC build.  One thing we heard feedback on is that customers want to know exactly which properties were being shown for each item, so all properties now appear with labels.  The text layout and colors have been updated in response to feedback to make each item even easier to parse and to avoid confusion with the colors used for encrypted or compressed files.  We heard loud and clear that many found snippets very useful and wanted to see more of them, so in the RC we’ve allowed longer snippets and we’re using them in more places.  In response to feedback we heard from customers when resizing their Explorer window or toggling the preview pane, we’ve made the transitions smoother as additional columns of information about each item are revealed when you make the view larger.

12. Intelligent re-indexing after application installation

In RC the Windows Search service now keeps the index up-to-date whenever support for new file types are introduced to the system.  We know that in the past customers have sometimes had difficulties searching for files on their computer after new file handlers are installed. (File handlers govern how content and metadata is made searchable and are typically installed with applications such as Microsoft Office or updates such as the Microsoft Filter Pack).

In Win7 Beta (and previous versions of Windows), customers were required to rebuild their index whenever a new file handler was installed to ensure that any existing files were indexed with the newest functionality.  Few customers knew to do this and it was an unnecessarily time consuming operation.  Windows Search is more efficient in RC by automatically re-indexing the specific files affected by new file handlers. Rest assured that when one installs support for a certain kind of file, she can search for those files without doing any additional work.


13. Trimming sound schemes to help performance

We know our customers care about performance. We discovered that by just trimming the shutdown and logoff WAV files, we could save up to 400 ms. Every little bit counts.

Device Stage

14. Baseline Device Stage experience

Device Stage continues to enjoy positive reviews. For example, we saw this post on on a blog: “I have to be honest this works very well, it worked with my MP3 player in showing how much charge it had and other details as well is able to display the manual and offer me everything I needed to do with it effortlessly, including having the correct icon and image of the product.” However, we occasionally hear “too bad , my N70 aint supported either :-( …hopefully they are gonna support a ton more device by the time windows 7 get released”.

We took feedback like this to the devices makers and they too would like more integration given the interest from our customers. Several manufacturers are implementing custom experiences, but a large number have also opted to support their older devices in what we call the “baseline” Device Stage experience.

This UX works exactly like full Device Stage; the device image appears on the taskbar whenever it is connected and tasks are exposed in the Jump List. On first connect, the shell Window containing all of the built-in tasks appears automatically and is always just one click away from the desktop icon or device image in the Devices and Printers folder. When the device maker implements a custom Device Stage experience for a device, it gets posted on the Web and the baseline experience gets upgraded when the device is later reconnected. The core functionality is the same, but all of the branding, imaging and vendor-specific tasks are now available automatically in the same convenient UI.

Fig 5.

Baseline Device Stage experience for a mobile phone

Baseline device stage experience on windows 7

15. Devices and Printers enhancement

PC and laptop makers such as Lenovo, were very interested in doing more than just showing the machine’s icon in Devices and Printers. They told us they wanted to leverage Device Stage to help them better customize the experience for our mutual customers. In RC double-clicking on the PC icon now offers a Device Stage UX. Like the other Device Stage devices, Device Stage for PC will be enabled when the PC maker has chosen to participate with their system.

More :

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iTunes Gift Card worth USD200 for sale USD3

iTunes Gift Card Hacked California - The hacker continue to seek profits in a way that is wrong. Recently, a site in China, selling iTunes gift card worth USD3, the original price is USD200.

At a site called Taobato which is the largest auction site in China that similar e-Bay to sell an iTunes gift card at no less than USD3, while the original self worth USD200. By the managers, users who purchase the card is given a code that can be 'cut through' to your iTunes.

Obviously this makes the user-group purchased the card that is genuine but counterfeit. Many of those who bought it, then sell it again with a price that is still below the authorized price. So that as quoted from PC World, Thursday (12/3/2009).

Until now Apple have not provided official information, the code in the online store have been hack by a hacker. Also not yet known exactly, is that code can be used by customers domiciled in the United States.

iTunes Gift Card itself works as a gift card that we give to friends or family as a credit to shop in the iTunes Store. iTunes Gift Card Rate voucher number as mobile phone voucher that we met in the regular shops, means of communication.

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E75, the Perfection in Entertainment

captured_Image.png BlackBerry penetration does not make Nokia fear. The new E Series get more updates. The goal, to absorb the market that is still enough fat. In addition to N Series, Nokia E series is on the focus to the business. Not surprisingly, the Finnish origin continue trying to increase this variant.

So, what the benefits of E75, the latest advanced engine from Nokia?

First, they reinforce the e-mail service. Users can now open the attachment files from HTML. Similar BlackBerry, E75 is also designed to support multiple protocols and different e-mail account.

With the direct access to Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes, the company can save a third of the operational costs because the device does not need additional server or middleware.

Through site-specific, E75 users can enjoy a chat service or Facebook application. also adopted the concept of citizen journalism.

User can proclaim an event in the form of news, photos or video, and then sent to the mobinity. net. From there, they get a voucher can be exchanged or a particular product.

E75 QWERTY keyboard comes through slide-design. As a substitute for 9300 'Mini Communicator'. E75 Keyboard also designed a special, once provided a special touch buttons: home, calendars, and e-mail.

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KDDI au Hitachi Wooo H001 with 3D display

captured_Image.png KDDI just announced its 2009 Spring lineup that includes the Hitachi Wooo H001 clamshell mobile phone with a 3D display.

The Hitachi Wooo H001 features 3.1-inch 3D IPS TFT LCD display, a 5 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth and IRSimple. THe Wooo H001 support microSD cards.

The Hitachi Wooo H001 measures 51×111x18.6mm and weighs 145g. It will be available from KDDI au in early February.


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$2.99 Minimum Paid App Price at BlackBerry App World!

It seems RIM has decided the minimum price for paid apps will be $2.99. Potentially good news for developers, but bad news for the BlackBerry owners out there thinking that RIM's application storefront would usher in 99 cent BlackBerry app pricing a la the iPhone App Store.

Of course, free apps are still welcome, but as previously blogged the way their developer agreement is currently structured it'll cost money to submit free apps to the store. Most people are willing to pay $3 (or more) for an app if it's a good app. Where the 99 cent and $1.99 tiers fit well are for the not good but fun apps (fart apps, beer apps, etc.) which by the looks of this RIM would rather not see hit their app store. What do you think? Good move or big mistake? Let us know in the comments!

* Update: While going further through the FAQ, I couldn't help but take note of the final question...

Can the user store applications on an external SD card?
Applications cannot currently be stored on or run from an SD card. BlackBerry App World does not permit the downloading of applications to an SD card.

So for those who were hoping the launch of RIM's BlackBerry App World would coincide with a solution allowing you to save apps to the memory card, it appears that isn't in the cards just yet. * (Crackberry)

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Need for Speed Shift Screenshots

Eight Need For Speed: Shift Screenshots Know much about Need for Speed: Shift? Neither do we! EA's released eight new screenshots from the game that we can gaze longingly at, though.

Unlike many previous NFS games that emphasized street racing and arcade-style driving, Need For Speed: Shift is a realistic, simulation racer. It's being developed by GT Legends creators Slightly Mad Studios. It's set for a Fall 2009 release for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and PSP.

Shift is one of several different NFS titles currently in development. Also in the works is the arcade-style Need for Speed: Nitro, free-to-play Need for Speed: World Online, and an unannounced project.

Click to enlarge this screenshot
Click to enlarge this screenshot
Click to enlarge this screenshot

Click to enlarge this screenshot
Click to enlarge this screenshot

Added Wed 4th Mar 2009

Click to enlarge this screenshot
Click to enlarge this screenshot
Click to enlarge this screenshot

Added Mon 2nd Feb 2009

Click to enlarge this screenshot


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AMD, Seagate Show Off 6-Gbits/s SATA

AMD and Seagate will demonstrate a next-generation 6-Gbit/s SATA interface Monday in New Orleans, the companies said. Neither company is announcing products based on the technology yet, Seagate executives said.

The 6-Gbit/s SATA technology will be part of a future AMD south bridge chip, and may appear in solid-state-disc drives before it becomes part of a conventional hard drive.

The target markets will be gaming PCs and servers, executives said.

Currently, SATA uses a 3.0-Gbit/s interface, which should satisfy the throughput requirements of hard drives until 2011, when that channel will become saturated and the 6.0-Gbit/s interface will truly be needed.

But the SATA-IO Working Group and the industry has traditionally built in enough overhead into the interface to allow the industry time to prepare, said Marc Noblitt, senior marketing I/O development manager for Seagate. (extremetech)

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Radeon 4870 Gets $50 Price Cut to $149, Radeon 4850 Will Drop to $129

The ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB will drop $50 in price, from the $199 segment down to $149. It will compete in this price point primarily against NVIDIA's GTS 250 1GB rebrand using the old G92 chip, variants of which were used in the 8800GT, 9800GT, 9800GTX, 9800GTX+, etc.

However, the HD 4870 has been shown to surpass the performance of NVIDIA's GTX 260 line, and value seekers may choose to leave NVIDIA for a better price/performance point.

The Radeon 4870 uses GDDR5 to provide more video memory bandwidth than the GTX260, even though it has more RAM, a wider memory bus, and higher clocked memory.

The ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB will drop to $129, and is designed to compete at the same price point as NVIDIA's GTS 250 512MB version. The Radeon HD 4830 will be replaced by another part soon at a lower price point.

ATI's price cuts are anticipated to take effect early this week. One of our sources indicates that NVIDIA and its partners will unveil GTS250 parts at the CeBit tradeshow in Hannover, Germany on Tuesday. (dailytech)

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