The Wait Is Over: Ubuntu 7.10 Is Here

As promised, Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was released a few minutes ago, and it's my deepest pleasure to introduce you guys to the new features to be found in this version of Ubuntu (which is based on the GNOME desktop environment) and also to the features from Kubuntu (same as Ubuntu, but based on the popular KDE desktop environment).

I have to admit that I prefer Kubuntu over Ubuntu because it's based on KDE (K Desktop Environment) and I am a sucker for KDE. But I like to install Ubuntu first and then the Kubuntu desktop; having them both is much better. Well, truth is I am quite impressed by the way Ubuntu is evolving. I should warn you though that Ubuntu may be addictive!

In this new version of the Ubuntu/Kubuntu operating system, you will find (as always) amazing new stuff, a lot of system improvements and surprises. Are you ready to take the plunge? Well, here they are:

The latest and greatest GNOME 2.20 which contains many new features and improvements.

Amazing desktop 3D effects, that will be activated by default, immediately after you install the video drivers for your graphics card.

Ha! No more Beagle stress! There's a new sheriff (to be read Desktop search) in town, and it's called Tracker. It allows quick access to your common actions, including opening web bookmarks and searches, sending messages to your contacts, and more. Tracker makes your life easier, as it provides faster search for your documents, music, videos, photos, chat logs, and many other files.

In conclusion, expect a LOT of new features and changes from this new version of Ubuntu, expect improved NTFS writing to be enabled by default, power consumption to be very kind with your laptop (more battery life and burn-free laps), encrypted hard disks and AppArmor security framework, the new kernel technology that limits the resources an application is allowed to access.

You can download Ubuntu 7.10 right now from Softpedia.


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