Are Windows Vista Sales So Bad That Microsoft Needs to Turn to God for a Miracle?

Is Windows Vista, Microsoft’s latest client, underperforming to such an extent that the company needs to turn up the volume of its prayers?

It still remains to be seen if Vista will be in need of a miracle following the launch of Mac OS X 10.5, and the explosive sales reported by the Cupertino-based hardware company, two million shipped Leopard licenses in the first weekend. But the fact of the matter is that Microsoft is leaving nothing to chance, and it’s contributing to spreading the word of the gospel, digitally, of course.

In this context, Microsoft announced that Logos Bible Software, a distributor of Bible software, converted to Dynamics CRM for the integration of customer data. Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s customer relationship management financial solution, and Logos Bible Software will implement the product in order to streamline customer services and increase sales while cutting down costs.

“Logos ultimately chose the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution because the Microsoft products work well together,” said Brian Paulen, managing director at Madrona Solutions Group. “The integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, an application with which the staff was already familiar, made it easy for them to learn to use the new system.”

Andrew Skipton, chief financial officer at Logos revealed that the ultimate goal of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM was to benefit the growth of the business with the Redmond company’s financial, customer relationship and supply chain management.

“Not only will Microsoft Dynamics CRM bring immediate productivity benefits to Logos, but it will allow the company to grow its customer base by many magnitudes without changing systems again,” said Michael Park, corporate vice president for the U.S. Dynamics business at Microsoft. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s integration of customer data and its friendly Microsoft interface help generate fast, effective service, affording a substantial competitive edge to businesses using Microsoft technology.”

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