Forget about Vista – Onward to Future Versions of Windows...

In November 2006 and in January 2007, Windows Vista came to plug the gap that stretched all the way back to the late 2001 release of Windows XP.

But with Vista still hot on the shelves, Microsoft was already looking ahead to future versions of the Windows client. In this context, the Redmond company had introduced, since late 2006, the Windows Early Feedback Program, inviting all those that participated in the test driving of the beta milestones for Windows Vista to deliver their input designed to impact the next versions of the operating system.

Via the image included towards the bottom of this article, courtesy of Neowin, you will be able to access an exhaustive list of the top requests for future versions of Windows, centered of course on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7.

What you have to understand is that the list provides an insight into what end users want to see in Windows, and not what Microsoft will actually deliver with its forthcoming releases of the platform. According to the last count made public, former Vista beta participants had submitted approximately 800 suggestions focused on new features, some 500 for features that needed modification and almost 400 reports of malfunctions across the operating system.

The feedback can equally affect both Vista SP1, in terms of softening the rough edges of the platform, and Windows 7, when it comes down to additional functionality, features and capabilities. At this time, Microsoft has failed to disclose how user input would ultimately impact future versions of Windows. Just access the image to the left in order to make an idea where Microsoft might go with the development process.


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