Free Hitman Games Available for Download

GameTap gets ready for the Christmas season offering us a couple of free full games, pertaining to the Hitman series. That's right folks! Agent 47 is coming to your house for free, through the online game download service. The first title of the series, Hitman: Codename
47 is available for download right now right here and we'll see the second title surfacing online on November 8, while Hitman: Contracts will be available for download on November 15.

This special offer is used as a way to advertise the Hitman movie, available in all theaters starting November 21. The famous third person shooter will also have a sequel for the next-gen platforms, which has been announced by Eidos, but no details about it have surfaced yet. Since we're only a couple of weeks away from the official launch of the movie, we might as well tell you that actor Timothy Olyphant will be playing the role of Agent 47.

It's been a prolific year for Eidos and their franchise, since they've released a Hitman compilation on June 20 and now GameTap makes the first three games of the series available, while the movie's about to cash in...hopefully. We remind you that GameTap is only available for US and Canadian users and it requires a registration process, of course no fees involved. Thumbs up for their initiative and great games that they've been making available.

I'll try a lucky guess right now... Considering that three Hitman games are offered for free just before the movie's launch, it would be an excellent idea to do the same with a couple of Spider-Man games, before the launch of a potential Spider-Man 4 movie. Advertising and promotional methods have obviously evolved, especially if we're dealing with motion pictures which draw their inspiration from cult games.

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