Microsoft Officially Opened Email Registration

Microsoft has officially opened the much anticipated and well overdue registration for the new email addresses.

This minor update along with the rest of wave 2 of Microsoft’s Windows Live Suite allows users to now fully take advantage of Windows Live. Microsoft should have opened registration to the acronym when the company first started Windows Live, but nonetheless this is a welcome change.

The company now gives users a change and the ability to get away from the old "Hotmail" acronym and finally puts their email service in-line with the rest of the Windows Live Suite. The email acronym is one of many updates the company has planned for today, later tonight the company will be releasing updated final versions of Windows Live Mail, Messenger, Writer, Photo Gallery, and Family Safety.

Among the changes to the Windows Live Suite is one that those using Windows Vista x64 will now be able to install and use the entire Windows Live Suite (as well as the new unified installer) on your x64 based system. Also, Microsoft has revamped Messenger in terms of security and changed the user interface and gave it a new look. Microsoft has also updated Writer, Mail, and Photo Gallery to give it a more polished look and to give it the "Vista Feel" because the prior release(s) didn’t quite fit in with Windows Vista’s sleek user interface.

Stay tuned as we will have more in the next few hours as Microsoft launches the rest of the updates to Windows Live.

Also, feel free to get your new Windows Live ID and get the email address you always wanted but couldn’t have until now!


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