NOD32 3.0 – A Dream Come True?

A few days ago, ESET launched the 3.0 version of NOD32, its famous security solution which is now even more than a simple antivirus product.

The developers are really proud of their solutions and sustain the new version is able to protect users' information using up-to-date virus definitions and well-developed security features included into the product.

"Our research indicates that consumers and businesses are looking for maximum protection, low system requirements, accurate results and fast scanning speeds—in that order. They are tired of solutions that slow down their computers and interfere with other applications," said Anton Zajac, CEO of ESET, LLC.

"ESET set out to build a solution that addressed these concerns while offering the best level of protection available. With ESET Smart Security, we’ve surpassed our goal and savvy computer users will be amazed by its ease of use, intelligent lightweight design and near-zero impact on system performance."

It's a well-known fact that NOD32 works pretty fast with very low resources but it also powers incredible features which manage to discover and remove most of the computer threats. A 3.0 version would mean better performance, more powerful functions and even more efficient protection. But some of the users found NOD32 3.0 pretty difficult to use and this especially because of the new features which were not included in the ESET suite before this latest release.

For example, I read a message posted by a user on a security forum who said that he cannot get the NOD32 Antispam function disabled although many of the features can be shut down one by one. Others encountered problems with their Internet connectivity just after the 3.0 version was installed. "I uninstalled it and went back to version 2 of NOD and the problem went away," hclarkjr, a member of the AnandTech forum wrote in a post.


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