Windows 7, Vista’s Successor, to Take Networking Up a Notch

Microsoft had yet to define Windows 7 (Seven), the successor of Window Vista, when it announced that it planned to ship the operating system in mid 2010, but the next Windows platform is slowly starting to take contour.

Back in mid 2007, when the Redmond company first started to talk Windows 7, Gartner approximated that the reason why Microsoft was failing to provide any palpable details about its next operating system was the fact that the product was still a tabula rasa. Meaning that Windows 7 was yet to take shape.

Now Microsoft is promising that while Windows Vista has evolved wireless networking in comparison to Windows XP, Windows 7 will literally blow your mind. “Vista was about making Wi-Fi connections as seamless, manageable and secure as wired networks. The next Windows version is really about taking Wireless networking to the next level by enabling new complete end to end scenarios and experiences that are going to change how windows PCs interact with each other and other devices and nodes over a wireless network,” Microsoft revealed in the details for the job of Software Development Engineer.

The Windows Networking Ecosystem Technologies team will center on a range of new development scenarios focused on building new wireless networking capabilities into Windows 7. In this context, Windows 7 will bring to the table virtualized Wireless design to permit connections to multiple networks simultaneously. But on top of this, Windows 7 will enhance wireless throughput and latency for windows to windows wireless connections.

“As a part of this work, you will be working closely on existing and in-works wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11s, 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11w. This position will provide you the unique opportunity of working on core wireless areas as well as collaborating with several other key Windows technologies to deliver a complete functional end to end scenario. The work will be in both the Windows kernel and user space”, Microsoft added.


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