Nokia 6500 slide Review

Fully aware that its own developed Symbian operating system is not a perfect one, Nokia offers users devices with its newly launched S40 5th Edition.

The latter is a much more user friendly and it seems that also 'lacks' the bugs and glitches that have been so much present in Nokia's Symbian OS. Normally, that should translate into a more stable and speedy functionality with no more lockups and freezes. Lately, it 'rained' with Nokia S40 handsets, and some of these were really huge market successes (see Nokia 6300). The two Nokia 6500 versions – slide and classic – even if they don't look similar and have different specs, still feature the same S40 5th Edition user interface. Despite the fact that Nokia is still the number one handset manufacturer, it still has to work a little on developing more stable software for its devices.

Announced in May 2007 together with its Classic twin, Nokia 6500 Slide has been launched on the market in September 2007. As a mid-level phone, the handset can be bought for only $450 USD without a contract.

Nokia 6500 slide is far from being flawless in terms of design. Unfortunately, there are things that you are able to discover only after you buy and use the device. Better read further and understand what you should and should not expect from this slider. Keep your money or go buy some other device if you're looking for of the features that this handset misses.

The first thing that you'll notice the moment you get your hands on a Nokia 6500 slide is its weight. The slider is 'unpredictably' heavy, especially because it has been covered by a metal case. If you don't like heavy mobile phones, then this little slider is not for you. Moreover, the handset measures 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm and weighs around 125 grams (battery included). The phone looks very small, common in sleekness, but as I have stated above, it's impossibly heavy, so you should be really worried of the pocket you insert it in.

Display and Camera
Nokia 6500 slide features the same 2.2'' TFT display as its twin brother, Nokia 6500 classic. The screen supports 16 Million colors and a standard resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Even if it didn't scored too much on different benchmarks, the screen is simply breathtaking.


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