What’s New in Microsoft Land: 14-18 January, 2008

With all the talks surrounding security that have been going on recently in all domains, the Redmond giant couldn’t have neglected this category and decided to invest in it some serious money in order to keep its users and clients happy.

That being said, Monday saw Microsoft announcing a series of initiatives that have at heart the continuing of help given to its partners, for designing effective and profitable business models, at the same time striving to stay on top of the security landscape.

A little boasting was in order if the job was to be started on the right foot, so the corporation had research firm IDC conduct a survey that had as subject 349 (why not 350?) resellers in the United States and Britain and, of course, the conclusion drawn was that Microsoft security partners were "often more profitable than partners that sell other vendors’ security partners", as the press release did not fail to mention.

Mark Hassall, the Microsoft Forefront Security Partner Marketing Director, gave an interview to the corporation’s PressPass, in which he mentioned the size of the program he was involved with: "We have over 6,000 partners enrolled in the Security Software Advisor program, which allows partners to earn up to 30 percent in advisor fees when they help drive deployment of Forefront-based security solutions. And we have over 1,000 partners in the Security Solutions Competency, which is now the fastest growing competency in the Microsoft portfolio. We are committed to continued investment in our security partner programs with partner profitability as the focus."

Not too bad, I might say, it’s definitely a window of opportunity worth exploring for Microsoft, the enlarging of its partner base by having a survey say that it is the best.

Mac and Windows aren’t the closest friends to the best of my knowledge, but if it’s profitable, it’s going to be delivered no matter how much stepping on pride is involved. That’s why the Mac users were given the best present on Tuesday, the official launch of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. The Macworld Conference & Expo 2008 was the site where the announcement was made. The second "location" where Mac users had to have felt like kings was the web page dedicated by the Redmond based company to their needs, Mactopia.

"We developed Office 2008 for Mac as a comprehensive productivity suite that also helps people simplify their work. […] To complement the deep set of new and improved features, we redesigned the interface so that it is truly easier to use. Even Office beginners can create great-looking documents very quickly. And, at the core, we focused on delivering reliable compatibility so that users can confidently share documents across platforms", said Craig Eisler, general manager of the Mac BU at Microsoft.

There are three versions of Office 2008 for Mac to be made available by the end of the first quarter of the year: the standard Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, priced somewhere between $239.95 for the upgrade from a previous version and $399.95 for the full retail version. The second option is Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student Edition, priced at $149.95, and the last one to be available will be Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition, at $299.95 for the upgrade version and $499.95 for the full retail version.

A very profitable deal was set up on Wednesday between Microsoft Corp. and EDGAR Online, in order to bring relevant advertising to the latter’s audience and content to the MSN portal. March will be the first month to see the Microsoft advertising displayed on the EDGAR site and MSN Money will most likely receive its share later in the year, a date was not mentioned for the event.

source: news.softpedia.com

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