Microsoft: Some Free Vista (+SP1) to Go Along with the Free XP SP2 Downloads?

Free downloads of Microsoft's operating systems have been made available throughout 2007, and the Redmond company is ready to take it one step further.

The Redmond company has been offering both the final versions of Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista RTM as free downloads, in an initiative addressed at web developers. Still, the access to the free copies of Vista and XP SP2 is by no means restricted. The sole caveat is the fact that the operating systems are bundled with the company's actualization technology.

In this context, Microsoft has been offering both XP SP2 and Windows Vista Enterprise, as virtual hard disk images designed for integration with Virtual PC 2007. There are a total of four images available, two for each operating system. The two versions of the Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image include a pre-activated copy of Windows XP SP2, as well as either IE6 or IE7 and the IE7 Readiness Toolkit. The latest downloads made available went live on December 6, 2007, and are time bombed with the expiration set for April 1, 2008.

And as the beginning of April draws near, now but two months away, Microsoft is gearing up for a new set of releases. The two Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Images will be updated, and joined by another containing either Windows Vista RTM, or Windows Vista SP1. At this point in time, Microsoft is offering VHDs with Windows Vista Enterprise timebombed for one month, here and here.

The only issue is RTM vs. SP1. And Pete LePage, IE Senior Product Manager, is looking for a little input from users. "We currently offer developers and designers the following VPC images: XP + SP2 with IE6 and XP + SP2 with IE7. We're looking at the next batch now, and I'm curious, if we were to add one more, which of the following would you prefer? Vista with IE7 or Vista + SP1 with IE7? Also, if you're a Mac user, and want to see either VPC images compressed with ZIP, or Parallels users, a comment would be appreciated. No promises on these, I just want to understand what is more important to you," LePage stated.


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