A New Experience in RSS Feeds Reading

RSS feeds allows you to get the latest news or content changes in a given website without the need to navigate to a certain webpage by typing its URL into your browser
address bar.

In order to be able to read the RSS feeds content in an organized manner, you will need a feed aggregator. There are many types of feed aggregators and you can find standalone applications that run on your computer or online aggregators. The efficiency of any feed aggregator is reflected in the RSS content and categories navigation simplicity.

Alertle is an AJAX based online RSS aggregator that has a simple and intuitive interface formed by three panels. The central panel contains the websites icons corresponding to a set of feedpacks (directories of related feeds). From the main menu you can select the button corresponding to a feedpack and then, if you want to read the content of any feeds contained in it, you must click on the appropriate site icon. The free registration process has only one step: you provide an email address and a password and you will be automatically logged in.

After a successful login process, you will be able to customize the content of default feedpacks by adding or remove RSS feeds. You can navigate feeds titles in the left panel by using the arrow keys. A unique feature is represented by the Autoplay option, which automatically presents RSS headlines and their content at a specified amount of time. If you will like this feed aggregator, it provides you the opportunity to import feeds from other feeds readers as OPML files.

The concept of feed aggregators or readers based on AJAX technology will always bring enhanced functionalities from desktop comfort in navigation and usage at the browser level. The RSS feeds reading experience will be definitely different as compared to classic online RSS readers.

source : softarchive.net

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