3 New Search Projects from Microsoft Research

At TechFest, Microsoft Research unveiled three new search projects aimed to enhance your search experience. Here are the details:

SearchTogether: SearchTogether is an IE plugin for social search. It lets you and your friends search together via an IE sidebar. The plugin, which will be available in Spring 2008 features page rating, split searching, shared summaries, chat, and more.

CoSearch: CoSearch lets users who are using the same computer at the same time search together by using multiple mice or cell phones. Yes, cell phones! A person using a phone could move the cursor on the screen and transfer data to the phone.

Searchbar: Searchbar is an IE sidebar that lets you save your searches, organize them, and add notes about them.

I can't wait to check these out! Watch for TechFest interviews by Tina Wood coming this week.

source: on10.net

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