Acid 3 is out! IE 5.5 beats IE 7?

I am quite excited. The Acid 3 web standards-compliance test is now up, and there’s no browser in existence yet that fully succeeds at the test.

Let me explain what these results are telling us before I show them. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops standards for Internet applications. For example, XHTML, HTML, CSS, etc. Acid 3 basically takes a lot of W3C’s newer standards and tests to be sure that the browser supports the features it should and that it behaves as it should when using them. Acid 3 is a suite of 100 different tests to be sure that these standards are being met. So when I say that browser X gets a score of 55%, this means that browser X passed 55 of the 100 tests it was given.

Updated March 8, 2008. Camino nightlies switched to Gecko 1.9 to bring it up to par with Firefox and Seamonkey nightlies. All Gecko 1.9 browsers are at 69% currently (were at 68%).

Updated March 9, 2008. Too many updates to record. I’ll start logging changes again after the Slashdot effect dissipates.

Updated March 10, 2008. I’ve received quite a few emails about different results people have gotten with their browser. I’m working on adding them all to the list.

Thanks to all who have submitted their results. I was going to try and maintain a list of people to individually thank, but it’s becoming too difficult to keep track of who has sent me results and managing to get those results accurately depicted here.

These results are public domain, but I would very much appreciate a link back to this page if you copy this table somewhere else. I will keep updating this table as the race continues, and if everyone copies my table, they’ll have to maintain theirs as well. Mine’s not going anywhere, just link to it.


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