An AJAX Free Remote File Management Tool

Every Internet user looks for rapid methods of files management on web servers. Desktop based applications usually provide all necessary tools that enable you to manage files remotely, but certain limitations exist, like the response time of the program as a consequence of different delays induced by various factors, application performance, server status, operating system configuration and more.

An efficient alternative for desktop-based applications needed to manage files remotely is represented by server side scripts. AjaXplorer is an AJAX remote file manager that enables you to access and manipulate files over a web server from any computer. The AjaXplorer interface is very intuitive for anyone because it resembles to common file browsers contained in any operating system. The functionalities introduced through AJAX technology improve the application response time.

The installation process does not require complex technical skills. You just have to upload the files contained in AjaXplorer distribution archive to a folder on your webserver having support for PHP scripts. The default login name and password is admin / admin, but it is recommended to change the password by editing the file conf.php contained in conf directory. The AjaXplorer application has a user management system and also provides the opportunity to manage different repositories that do not have to be included in its installation directory.

The web browser based interface allows you to perform various actions like files listing, creating new directories (by default a new directory will be made in files folder), files renaming, files upload, bookmarking and more. In the Settings area, you will be able to manage users and their repositories rights. There are also implemented mouse right click-related actions like rename, copy or move file. Directories could be displayed as icons or thumbnails and a search feature is also present. If you want to download this application, it is available for download here.

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