DeskScapes 2.0 Preview - Now all Vista users can Dream

Windows Vista Ultimate users are no longer the only ones who can run animated wallpaper on their desktop.

Software developer Stardock has released a free preview of DeskScapes 2.0 which enables all users of Windows Vista to run .DREAM animated wallpapers (there are hundreds of them).

Last year, Microsoft released Windows DreamScene as a Windows Vista Ultimate. Stardock developed some of the animated wallpapres for Windows DreamScene as well as provided DeskScapes 1.0 which allowed DreamScene to run the new .DREAM animated wallpaper format. DeskScapes allowed for not just video dreams (which tend to use more CPU) but dynamic dreams as well which use virtually no CPU whatsoever by putting the animation purely on the video accelerator.

Download: DeskScapes 2.0

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