Intel E8500 CPU Review

In the world of CPUs (Central Processing Units) and motherboard chipsets Intel is the number one manufacturer and is the platform of choice for enthusiasts in the PC industry since the launch of the Core 2 series outshined the top CPUs at the time it was launched and they haven't looked back.

The vast majority of computers sold on the market today are Intel based with even Macs moving to Intel CPUs and motherboards.

Late last year Intel released their first Penryn CPUs, the QX9650, and their first 45 nanometer processor. This processor was a favorite among the end-users as it was supported by all the major motherboard chipsets after a BIOS update and the fastest CPU on the market. The Penryn codename is used for Dual Core (Today Intel has several Penryn CPUs on the market including the QX9770, the QX9775 that's on their Skulltrail system and today the E8500 CPU. So let's see what this new CPU is all about.

The E8500 is a worthy successor to the Core 2 Duo CPUs released earlier by Intel, with faster clock speeds, higher amount of L2 cache and all of the technologies that are supported by current Intel CPUs including SSE 4, XD, Virtualization Technology and more. At the high end of the Intel CPU spectrum is the QX9775 Quad Core on the Skulltrail platform, but not everyone wants to buy the most expensive solution on the market.

The E8500 is the fastest Core 2 Duo solution on the market with the clock speed set at 3.16GHz, fully 266MHz higher than the next fastest E series CPU. For a MSRP on the Intel CPU price list of $266 this makes an affordable solution for those not wanting to spend $999 on an Intel CPU like the QX9770 that’s upcoming. Dual Core CPUs like the E8500 are excellent choices for the everyday user. The E8500 also overclocks like a beast reaching 4.389 GHz, a nearly 40% overclock on normal air-cooling. Other people have reached over 4.5GHz on theirs. Dual Core processors still have a market as only the Q6600 Core 2 Quad CPU reaches this level of price but performance on the E8500 beats that CPU in many cases.


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