Microsoft buys virtualization vendor help with Vista migrations

Microsoft announced on March 12 it had purchased another virtualization vendor — one whose technology Microsoft is counting on to help ease Windows Vista migrations.

That vendor, Kidaro, makes desktop virtualization software for enterprise users. Microsoft said it plans to combine Kidaro’s technology into its suite of desktop-management tools, known as the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). (This MDOP pack is only available to customers who buy into Microsoft’s annualized Software Assurance volume-licensing program, by the way.)

Microsoft is touting Kidaro’s technology as being able to:

* “Accelerate Windows Vista migrations by minimizing compatibility issues between applications and the operating system

* “Easily deploy managed Virtual PCs to Windows desktops

* “Drive business continuity by enabling rapid reconstitution of corporate desktops

* “Minimize the tension between IT control and user flexibility by applying policies in locked-down corporate Virtual PCs while giving users more open access to the underlying host operating system

* “Speed user adoption of desktop virtualization by making Virtual PCs ‘invisible” to end users

* “Reduce IT investment in desktop image management by delivering virtual images independent of hardware or local desktop configuration.”

Microsoft is not providing a timetable as to when Kidaro’s technology will become part of MODP, beyond saying it will find its way into “future updates” of the pack.

Microsoft officials have said MDOP is the fastest-selling of the company’s volume-licensing products. MODP currently includes Microsoft Application Virtualization, Asset Inventory Service, Advanced Group Policy Management, Dianostics and Recovery Toolset and System Center Desktop Error Monitoring.


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