New N95 That's Not a N95

Ever wanted a N95 so un-evolved that it can't even be used as a mobile phone? No? Me neither. Still, there is a new device that bears the Nseries handset's name. It operates on the 88 and 108 MHz frequencies and we're 99.99% sure it comes from China, the land of copycat products.

Those 88 and 108 MHz frequencies mentioned are FM bands, and that's because the new N95 – Asaki N95, more exactly – is an FM radio that comes in a full package, with headphones included. Nothing bad in this, except for the fact that the device looks like a Nokia N95 phone. And, even worse, its "screen" (actually only a sticker) shows a Windows Mobile interface – probably the nightmare of any Nseries fan.

Hopefully, there will never be a Nokia handset to run Windows Mobile, even if Microsoft sure wishes so, as the company declared some time ago that it's interested in a collaboration with the Finnish producer. Now, I have absolutely nothing against WM (I actually like it), and nor I will make subjective comparisons between it and Symbian. But a Nokia phone with Microsoft's mobile OS is exactly what a Nokia should not be. It's like an iMac running Windows Vista. Although this can be done, but you get the idea.
Back to the N95 radio marvel – what's funny and un-funny at the same time is that there is no Asaki company to produce FM radios, at least none that Google knows of. Which means the device could be built by basically anyone. In consequence, if you ever have an encounter with the "Nseries radio", we think buying it is out of the question. Or, of course, you can get it only as a study material, assuming you want to make a career in copycatting.

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