World of Warcraft Patch 2.4.0 - Fury of the Sunwell Released

The glorious fount of arcane energy known as the Sunwell empowered the high elves for millennia, until the death knight Arthas laid siege to the elven kingdom and corrupted its sacred energies. Seeing no other alternative, a band of survivors led by Prince Kael’thas destroyed the ancient fount. Over time the surviving elves fell pray to a crippling magical withdrawal.

Now, promising salvation for his people, Kael’thas has returned. Soon the Sunwell will shine once again, but whether the sacred fount will usher in deliverance or destruction remains to be seen.
Link: MMO-Champion complete 2.4 Compilation/Patch Notes
US Download: WoW-2.3.3-to-2.4.0-enUS-Win-patch.torrent
enGB Download: WoW-2.3.3-to-2.4.0-enGB-Win-patch.torrent
deDE Download: WoW-2.3.3-to-2.4.0-deDE-Win-patch.torrent
frFR Download: WoW-2.3.3-to-2.4.0-frFR-Win-patch.torrent
esES Download: WoW-2.3.3-to-2.4.0-esES-Win-patch.torrent

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