NetBeans IDE 6.1

Eclipse and NetBeans are well matched and are rapidly becoming the most popular IDEs for PHP programming. A big thanks to Java for this wonderful tools.

Visual Web JSF Development

Create a complete functional JavaServer Faces (JSF) page for manipulating data from a database in a few steps. Link pages in your web application with the new Visual Page Flow Editor, supporting JSF, JSP, and HTML pages.

The IDE comes with a visual editor for deployment descriptors (web.xml files). and an HTTP monitor for tracking and debugging the data flow between components of a web app.

Project Woodstock JSF Components 

Create user-friendly, responsive web applications by using new Project Woodstock components. These JSF components are fast because they send as few requests to the webserver as possible. They include an API that makes client-side processing available to other developers. Using an Ajax-enabled component is now like working with any other component: Drag and drop the component, set properties, and customize server-side event handlers. This dynamic AJAX behavior is implemented via JavaServer Faces Dynamic Faces (Dyna-Faces).

Standard JSF Components

Add Dynamic Faces and the Visual Web JSF framework to your web project, and work with standard JSF reference implementation components. This includes a comprehensive library of JavaServer Faces components such as Table, Calendar, Tree, Tab Set, File Upload, and more.

JSP Development 

The editor assists you with features such as code completion, hyperlinking, and error checking, for JavaServer Pages (JSP) files, including debugger integration. You can leverage the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), the Struts 1.2.9 and 1.3.x web frameworks, Spring web framework (read more about Spring on our Java EE page), and also our new Hibernate 3.2.5 plugin.

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