Pictomio 1.0 Final released

Pictomio is Freeware and sets new standards for 3D accelerated browsing of your photo and video collection.

Pictomio requires a graphics card with ShaderModel 2.0 and a minimum of 128 MB video RAM.
Over the coming months, Pictomio’s Realtime Rendering Group is scheduled to release new alpha versions of the software every few weeks. Visit our forum and take an active part in the further development of the Pictomio software. We welcome any feedback and suggestions for additional features to the final version of the software.



Permission for distribution of our software on CD/DVD format included with professional publications is granted. However, Pictomio is protected by copyright and the application may not be used for commercial purposes without prior approval.

Pictomio 1.0 Final released (link 1)
Pictomio 1.0 Final released (more links)


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