GoogleMaps.Subgurim.NET 3.0 just released

The GoogleMaps.Subgurim.NET 3.0 version brings us a lot of improvements, news features and bugs correction.

It is, probably, the most important change made since this Google Maps control for ASP.NET was born. There is a list with the most important changes:

  • Important: GMap_Width and GMap_Height are no longer available. Instead we will use width and Height.
  • New map view: the raised map or Physical Map.
  • Complete GoogleEarth, Sky, Mars y Moon maps support.
  • Added two new fields to GAjaxServerEventArgs: zoom y map type.
  • New property: GAdsManager.
  • Improved the GoogleBar with GoogleBarOptions.
  • serverEvents improved with ajaxUpdateProgressMessage.
  • New GoogleMaps parallel control: Static Map.
  • New controls for choosing between the map types: GHierarchicalMapTypeControl and MenuMapTypeControl .
  • Bools "geodesic" y "clickable" added to polylines , and bool "clickable" added to polygons
  • Properties viewport y baseCountryCode added to geoCoding for both client and server: .
  • The server geoCoding has a new option, "output" (to choose between xml, klm, json and csv, or return the GeoCode class).
  • Better support for GeoCoding errors.
  • Added new elements to the Datasource:
    • Polygons and Polylines
    • Icons.
  • A very popular request: TileLayers and Custom Maps.
  • Server events with ASP.NET Postback.
  • New class: Store, to store data and share it between Javascript, clientEvents, serverEvents and server.
  • Street View support with GStreetViewOverlay and GStreetViewPanorama.
  • Added the GMaps Utility Library elements.
  • New code minimization options (enablePostBackPersistence, enableGetGMapElementsById).
  • GScreenOverlay similar to GGroundOverlay)
  • New extrabuiltControl: NumericalZoomControl
  • Multilingual support for the map.

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