Suggestions For Future Versions of Windows

The Windows Early Feedback program was created by Microsoft as a means of rounding up suggestions and feedback that may be considered for implementation in future iterations of the Windows operating system.

The team in charge of the program has collected and released a list of (what they consider to be) the top 61 suggestions to be presented to the development team of Windows 7.

The ideas being presented to the team range from basic usability improvements, such as a download manager in Internet Explorer, to more far fetched ideas, such as the ability to back up Xbox 360 games to a PC (good luck with that one). Some of the top suggestions are even features that were promised for and then dropped from Vista, such as a completely vectorized graphical user interface.

Check out the list by clicking the link below and let us know if anything catches your eye. Think you have a better idea? Let's hear it!


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