Windows Vista Volume Licensing

Retail and original equipment manufacturer licenses of Windows Vista are designed to accompany copies of the operating system that ship especially to home users.

"Tailored for different company size and purchasing preferences, these Volume Licensing programs provide simple, flexible, and affordable solutions that can help you manage your licenses with ease. Whether you have five or thousands of desktop PCs, Microsoft Volume Licensing has the right program for you," Microsoft revealed via the Volume Licensing Programs Comparison Chart.

Microsoft is offering no less than eight Volume Licensing programs, including: Open License; Open Value; Open Value Company-wide; Open Value Subscription; Select License; Select License Software Assurance Membership; Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Subscription Agreement. As far as Windows Vista Enterprise via Software Assurance is concerned, customers will also be able to leverage a range of benefits.

Essentially, the Open License, Open Value and Open Value Subscription programs of Volume licensing are intimately connected to small and small to medium organizations. In this context, emphasis is placed on simplicity of access, transactions and management and wider availability through a broad and diversified reseller channel, at the same time benefiting from the options to purchase and to subscribe to using software.

Select License, Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Subscription Agreement are also Volume Licensing programs but this time focused on medium to large organizations. The options are available for customers that "have mixed software requirements, and prefer to acquire the latest Microsoft technology on a pay as you go basis", while at the same time wanting "a cost-effective way to standardize their IT infrastructure and simplify license management."

You will be able to access the Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs Comparison Chart via this link. Also, the Redmond company is providing a similar resource for Software Assurance Benefits. And of course that there is a Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing available.


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