Windows XP Breathes Life into Dead Computers

Microsoft has chosen Windows XP over Windows Vista, its latest operating system to breathe life into dead computers.

After extending support for XP, preparing the launch of the third and final service pack, as well as extending the product's availability via the retail and original equipment manufacturer channels until mid 2008, Microsoft is offering its Windows platform dropped at the end of 2001 yet another way to survive in the detriment of Vista. But the fact of the matter is that the Redmond company had no alternative. Windows Vista is nothing short of a resource hog, and in this context, the operating system is unfit to run on obsolete computers.

Obsolete, of course by the standards imposed by Vista itself. But when it comes down to XP, there's an entirely different matter altogether. XP is nowhere near as resource hungry as Windows Vista is. And in this context, it is perfect to run on refurbished PCs. The introduction of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher is designed to streamline the process of associating Windows under volume licensing with refurbished computers. The MAR program is designed to benefit the refurbishers market with the tools necessary to keep Windows even on obsolete PCs. And doing the math, that's quite a market.

"Refurbished PCs are part of is what is referred to as the secondary PC market. This market consists of computers that are currently out of use. In 2004 Microsoft conducted a joint study with Gartner that focused on the secondary market. What they found was 150 million PCs entered the secondary market, and of those, approximately 20 million were refurbished and resold. Today we project that this number is closer to 28 million PCs, making refurbished PCs over 10 percent of the worldwide PC market," explained Hani Shakeel, senior product manager of the Genuine Windows Product Marketing team.

The MAR program is essentially Microsoft's response to feedback from refurbishers that were looking for a simple modality to license and install the Windows operating system on large volumes of machines that had been basically thrown out. Microsoft could not say yes to Windows Vista, but it did agree to Windows XP.

"Microsoft is offering a new license for refurbishers that is only available through the MAR program: Windows XP Home for Refurbished PCs and Windows XP Professional for Refurbished PCs. As long as the PCs that are being refurbished have a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), they can be easily licensed. Initially, we're offering these Windows XP licenses in English, French and Spanish. Right from the start, refurbishers will have the ability to ship anywhere in the world", Shakeel added.


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