Lost Your BlackBerry? Here's Your BlackBerry!

If to forget is human (and it sure is), to forget where you put your BlackBerry phone is also human, and I'm sure many users forgot where exactly they left their
precious device not just once.

Mobireport LLC comes to solve this existential problem and offers the new Berry Locator application that will let you know where your BlackBerry handset is every time you need to know it, even if you left it on silent. All you have to do is send an e-mail to the lost phone and it will instantly begin to vibrate, beep and blink, making it impossible to remain hidden if you're somewhere close to it. In case you're not and someone else finds the phone, Berry Locator will show your e-mail's text on the phone's display as soon as a key is pressed, so you can write something like "Please call me at this number after you found my BlackBerry so I can meet you and get it back. I can offer a cash reward. Thanks, Ralph." Pretty nice, isn't it?

Here\'s your BlackBerry!

What's even nicer is that if your BlackBerry phone is GPS-enabled, you will be able to find it even if you lost it in another town or another country, as Berry Locator can send back an e-mail with a Google Map image that shows the exact location of the handset. Of course, locating the device doesn't mean that you already have it back, but it's an important step towards this. If no one found the handset yet, you can just go and pick it up. If someone found it though, well, you can negotiate: offer a soda, a beer, an ice-cream, a toy, a $100 bill – whatever the man / woman / girl / boy / dog that eventually found your Berry might desire.

A trial of Berry Locator can be downloaded for free from here, and you must know that it only works with BlackBerry OS 4.1 or later. If you find the application useful you should buy it, as the price of a full version is only $4.99 – the equivalent of 3.4 Euro (or a huge cup of delicious blackberry ice-cream).

source : news.softpedia.com

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