Vista SP1 - Day 1

On Monday the 4th of February Microsoft announced that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 had been released to manufacturing.

Although the code has been finalized, Windows Vista users won’t start to get their hands for a few weeks. I’ve been fortunate to be sent the SP1 installer files, along with a complete copy of Vista with SP1 integrated into it. It’s time to fire up a test system and see what happens.

Given the fact that my ZDNet blogging colleague George Ou had some pretty negative experiences with installing SP1 (one machine seems to have eaten a dirt sandwich, which another is ill after having taken a few bites) I demonstrated great restraint in not throwing caution to the wind and installing the update straight onto my main work system. Instead I chose a test system that’s reserved for these kinds of things.

For those interested in such things, here’s the spec of the system:

* Pentium 950D processor (3.4GHz)
* 4GB of RAM
* 250GB Maxtor hard drive
* 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate

This system scores a 4.5 on the Windows Experience Index. The Windows Vista installation on this system is relatively fresh and the system is very reliable when in use at present. The system in up-to-date on all patches.

For this first test I decided to apply SP1 to the existing installation - the way that most people will be taking their SP1 pill. I carried out no preparatory work prior to installing SP1 (that would be cheating). The installation was carried out off the CD that I was sent by Microsoft.

I can report that the installation went without a hitch. The process took 52 minutes (from running starting to run the installer to getting back to a usable Windows desktop). The system rebooted five (yes, you read that right, 5) times.


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