Windows 7 : Personalize Your PC!

Download fun extras to give your PC a personal touch. Windows 7 provides a full range of features and the experience of using a PC with a different way. Many of the features offered by Windows 7, among others, is Desktop Theme, Desktop Background, Desktop Gadgets and Slideshow Gadget.

A theme is a desktop background plus glass color, sounds, icons, and more to help you personalize your computer with one click.

A desktop background, formerly called wallpaper, is a picture on the desktop that provides a backdrop to your open windows.

Desktop gadgets are mini-programs that you can add to your Windows desktop.

Sideshow gadgets are mini-programs that run on a Windows Sideshow-compatible device and update the device with information from your computer.

Visit this link to know more about how to Personalize your windows 7.

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