Firefox 3.7, now with Windows 7 jumplist support

Firefox Jumplist Now that Windows 7 is just weeks away from hitting retail shelves, more and more applications are beginning to take advantage of the new shell integration features.

A while back, Google added jumplist support to Google Chrome. Just days ago, a build offering the same functionality finally appeared on Mozilla's Tryserver.

Yes, Firefox fans, you now have the opportunity to test jumplist support in Firefox, as long as you're o.k. with running a Minefield build. As you can see in the image above, the feature is fairly basic right now. In addition to the default Windows 7 "pinned" area, Firefox maintains a list of frequently visited site and allows you to open a new tab or window. I'd like to see a list of recent sites and private browsing added to the list.

You'll find the installer for Windows here. After about 24 hours with the tweaked build, I don't find it to be any less stable than the Minefield nightly. Tried the build out yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments!

From : DownloadSquad

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