E75, the Perfection in Entertainment

captured_Image.png BlackBerry penetration does not make Nokia fear. The new E Series get more updates. The goal, to absorb the market that is still enough fat. In addition to N Series, Nokia E series is on the focus to the business. Not surprisingly, the Finnish origin continue trying to increase this variant.

So, what the benefits of E75, the latest advanced engine from Nokia?

First, they reinforce the e-mail service. Users can now open the attachment files from HTML. Similar BlackBerry, E75 is also designed to support multiple protocols and different e-mail account.

With the direct access to Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes, the company can save a third of the operational costs because the device does not need additional server or middleware.

Through site-specific mobinity.net, E75 users can enjoy a chat service or Facebook application. Mobinity.net also adopted the concept of citizen journalism.

User can proclaim an event in the form of news, photos or video, and then sent to the mobinity. net. From there, they get a voucher can be exchanged or a particular product.

E75 QWERTY keyboard comes through slide-design. As a substitute for 9300 'Mini Communicator'. E75 Keyboard also designed a special, once provided a special touch buttons: home, calendars, and e-mail.

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