iTunes Gift Card worth USD200 for sale USD3

iTunes Gift Card Hacked California - The hacker continue to seek profits in a way that is wrong. Recently, a site in China, selling iTunes gift card worth USD3, the original price is USD200.

At a site called Taobato which is the largest auction site in China that similar e-Bay to sell an iTunes gift card at no less than USD3, while the original self worth USD200. By the managers, users who purchase the card is given a code that can be 'cut through' to your iTunes.

Obviously this makes the user-group purchased the card that is genuine but counterfeit. Many of those who bought it, then sell it again with a price that is still below the authorized price. So that as quoted from PC World, Thursday (12/3/2009).

Until now Apple have not provided official information, the code in the online store have been hack by a hacker. Also not yet known exactly, is that code can be used by customers domiciled in the United States.

iTunes Gift Card itself works as a gift card that we give to friends or family as a credit to shop in the iTunes Store. iTunes Gift Card Rate voucher number as mobile phone voucher that we met in the regular shops, means of communication.

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