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This site contains articles that are focused mostly on C# programming and related topics, such as Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.NET. My goal is to provide a quality resource that is more usable for developers than most documentation. Each article solves a problem in software development. There are RSS and source code links at the bottom.

See how .NET programs manage their memory with these images of garbage collection in action. It's all in my article Garbage Collection Visualizations.


Find out how monsters walk around walls when they are hungry and want to eat brave heroes. Here we implement A-Star Pathfinding in A-Star Pathfinding.


Recursively search folders in C# and list them using Stack in this alternative to the method on MSDN, with my article Recursively Find Files and Directories.


Having helper methods to find various relative dates is very useful. Read about it in my article DateTime Methods for Year and Day Ranges.


Read about ways to sort string arrays in C# and relevant benchmarks in my article Sorting String Array Examples and Benchmark.


One is the loneliest number, but that's what makes singleton patterns and static classes special. Read about it in Singleton Pattern vs. Static Classes.


More efficient in every way than a Dictionary, and used to advance science. See my article Directed Acyclic Word Graph or DAWG.


Read about my Windows project for instantly finding anagrams in my new post called Anagram Open Source in Windows.


Make context menus that respond to their surroundings elegantly in my article ContextMenuStrip Example Usage.


Examine my implementation of a better and more flexible dialog box in my article Customized Dialog Box for Windows, which looks awesome in Vista.


Learn some tips and tricks regarding the DataGridView in .NET that you might not already know, in my article DataGridView Tips and Secrets.


Get started with Microsoft's SQL Compact Edition database with my article SQLCE 3.5 Complete Guide for Beginners.


Read about a common StringBuilder mistake that can greatly decrease the efficiency of your code in StringBuilder Mistake and Benchmark.


Manage your to-do lists like a pro using Visual Studio 2008's special TODO feature. See my article TODO Comments for all the details.


Find out all the details on improving Microsoft Excel interoperability performance in my useful article Excel Interop Performance and Compatibility.


Learn the easiest and coolest way of multithreading in Windows Forms .NET with my cool article BackgroundWorker Threading Introduction.



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