Windows Live Photo Gallery Taxonomic Capabilities

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a digital photography editing and viewing application offered by Microsoft via its operating system in the cloud.

Windows Vista, the latest operating system to come out of Redmond also includes by default Windows Photo Gallery, and in this sense, the Windows Live product marks the upgrade of the solution integrated into the fabric of the platform.

At the beginning of September, Microsoft debuted the next phase in the evolution of the Windows Live suite of programs and services. A consistent dose of Live betas accompanied a couple of months back the launch of the Windows Live unified installer, including the Windows Live Messenger 8.5, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer and of course Windows Live Photo Gallery.

And as Windows Live Photo Gallery is still in beta, Microsoft has been chipping away at the product, adding features. The most relevant of the newly added options is the integration between Windows Live Photo Gallery and the online photo hosting and sharing service Flickr from Yahoo. Responding to user feedback following the public beta of Windows Live Photo Gallery, Microsoft is now enabling users to directly upload photos not only to Windows Live Spaces, but also to Flickr.

The video at the bottom is designed to exemplify the enhancements delivered to Live Photo Gallery in terms of taxonomic capabilities. Just take a look and you will see why you should browse your images with Windows Live Photo Gallery instead of Windows Explorer for example.

"We made some changes from the Vista Photo Gallery to the Live Photo Gallery in how you organize your photos. One example of this is how we have pushed more organization into the import process. The idea being that after you import your photos they come in to the gallery already pretty organized," explained John Thornton Microsoft Program Manager.


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