Rovio–Angry birds accused of Violating Patent

Angry-Birds-Violating-PatentsRovio, the creator of the popular game Angry Birds sued by a company from the United States ( U.S. ).

Lodsys, claiming that Rovio has violated their patent.

Small company from Texas, says they are the owner of a patent on how to purchase a new level in Angry Birds.

Quoted from The Guardian, in addition to Rovio, in its claim to the Texas courts, Lodsys also lists other major mobile gaming companies like Electronic Arts ( EA ), Atari, Square Enix and Take - Two Interactive. Total, there are five companies that claimed by Lodsys using their patent in mobile games.

Lodsys described, his patent was used in The Sims 3 for iPhone, a compilation of Greatest Hits games for the iPhone and iPad made ​​by Atari, Big Hit Baseball  for iPhone and iPad by Square Enix and 2K Sports NHL 2K11 for iPhone by Take-Two Interactive.

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