33 New Places to Get Design Inspiration

The quality of design sites around has just been escalating and escalating. Last year we published two articles on finding design inspiration - 34 Places to Get Design Inspiration On and Off and the follow up 60 More Places to Get Design Inspiration. Since then I’ve been collecting new sites that didn’t make those two lists, and today I’m happy to deliver 33 New Places to Get Design Inspiration! Without further ado:

1. Depthcore

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Into digital art, 3d, and visual goodness? Look no further.

2. Rasterized

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Another old school art group

3. DesignFlavr

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DesignFlavr is my favourite new inspiration site by a country mile. Great content, great categories.

4. Before & After Magazine

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It’s not all free, but there is some good stuff to be found here

5. SmashingMagazine’s Inspiration Category

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SmashingMagazine have really been putting out the goods in their inspiration category

6. YouTheDesigner

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YouTheDesigner is a great blog that just keeps getting better. Gino has been putting out stellar content all around and built in a nice inspiration category to boot!

7. PSDTUTS Inspiration Category

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Hey it’s PSDTUTS! Sean Hodge’s awesome inspiration posts have wrapped up everything from mecha to icons.

8. Abduzeedo’s Inspiration Category

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Abduzeedo’s got a great set of posts covering HD photos, design and much more

9. Most Inspired

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A neat aggregator complete with a blog worth keeping up with

10. LogoLounge

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Some decent stuff at LogoLounge, though it’s not my favourite logo inspiration site (that of course being FaveUp!!)

11. Outlaw Design Blog Inspiration Category

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Outlaw’s got some beeeautiful inspiration images, particularly in his digital paintings post.

12. SpoonGraphics Inspiration Category

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Another blog featuring some occasional great inspiration posts.

13. DesignYouTrust

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Social Inspiration - this site is one to watch out for!

14. AllTop - Design

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Not so much visual inspiration as textual. Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop features a ton of great design blogs

15. TypeSites

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Like your inspiration with a bit of typographic style?

16. Fuel Your Creativity

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Another up and comer in the design blog scene with lots of great posts to choose from!

17. Just Creative Design

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It’s not *just* creative design, it’s also damn useful! Check out JCD’s list of inspiration sites

18. QBN

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You might remember QBN in its previous incarnation as NewsToday - it’s still just as good as ever!

19. FormFiftyFive

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A little more abstract and offbeat than some of my other picks, FFF runs inspirational images daily and they are worth seeing!

20. Muse

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Not only great aesthetic choices, but Muse also goes behind the work to profile the artists and designers behind a job.

21. AIGA’s Design Archives

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AIGA’s design archives are the kind of place you can get lost in, it is AIGA after all!

22. Fawnt

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Need a font to get your project started? Fawnt can give you a quick typographic shot in the arm!

23. CarbonMade Portfolios

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I love looking through other people’s portfolios, especially when the site is as fun and colourful as CarbonMade!

24. Coroflot’s Portfolios

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Coroflot is the grand-daddy of porftolio sites and it’s still rockin’

25. Behance’s Portfolios

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Behance has been taking portfolios to a new social networking dimension and getting a lot of press. Some great stuff in there.

26. Flickr Groups

Vandelay’s Best Flickr Groups for Designers

Flickr has become a great way to get design communities participating, Vandelay has rounded up a ton of them, but really you should just visit the PSDTUTS Flickr Group!

27. Vandelay Design

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Our own Steven Snell’s home turf where he publishes tons and tons of great content, including inspirational wrap ups

28. Fubiz

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Don’t speak French, don’t worry, neither do I! But Fubiz is still worth visiting, in particular their collection of 70 amazing business card designs

29. Inspiration Folder

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Not the greatest looking site, but quite functional. Inspiration Folder lets you collect and share inspirational designs

30. WeHeartIt

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This is one of my favourite new sites, share your images in a sort of social-delicious-inspiration-image-fest!

31. AisleOne

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Old school graphic inspiration focusing on grids, minimalism and modernism, nice!

32. CoolBoom

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Need some sweet architectural inspiration? Try CoolBoom!

33. VisualizeUs

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Similar to WeHeartIt, this is Delicious but for images. Really, really cool!

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