China: We're Being Spied On Via Net

Just a week after it was revealed that the Chinese may have been behind a cyberattack on the Pentagon in June of this year, the Chinese are now claiming "massive damage" from spying on its own computers.
Several "core, vital departments" have apparently been infiltrated. Chinese Vice Minister of Information Industry Lou Qinjian said that the government will counter with a tough response, including new censorship and Internet controls.

The timing of Lou's statements is somewhat dubious: the US government recently pointed blame for a June cyberattack on the Chinese Army, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has complained to Chinese premier Wen Jiabao over suspected hacks of its government systems.

Lou told the state-run Cadres Tribune magazine that "in recent years, party, government and military organs and national defense scientific research units have had many major cases of loss, theft and leakage of secrets, and the damage to national interests has been massive and shocking."

Claiming "spying" may just be a ruse to allow China to slip in new restrictions on Internet use by its citizens, experts say. Missing from Lou's statements were any specific cases of data loss, or evidence for that matter, either.

The country already has one of the most elaborate Net censorship systems in the world, and frequently jails citizens for various types of Internet "subversion." Lou blames US technology companies for leaving "holes" in their systems which allow the US government and others to spy on the country.

He further claimed that Chinese users were being "perverted" by objectionable content on the Internet, and urged the government to adopt stricter controls.

Source : Betanews

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