DirectX 10 Gaming Performance Review - High End GPUs

DirectX 10 gaming has been promised to us for a LONG time: it was way back in November of last year that we saw our first bit of DX10-ready hardware in the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card. Since then, we have had Microsoft's Vista operating system released to consumers in January and AMD/ATI joining the DX10 graphics card market in May.

Games are another story, as they have been dripping out in demos, technology showcases and patches since the beginning of the summer. Both sides of the hardware dispute have been throwing punches at the other in regards to "cheating" or other allegations on the first run of DX10 benchmarks but we finally have the answer to all those disputes: retail games that YOU can buy. Neither AMD nor NVIDIA has excuses now as the games are on shelves and their hardware and software better be up to the task they have both claimed victory in since early this year.

Source : PC Perspective

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