Forget Vista SP1 and DirectX 10.1 - Windows 7 Is the Next Generation Gaming Platform

Windows 7 Milestone 1 (M1) Ultimate Edition Build 6.1.6519.1 might not show it yet, but it is evolving to become the next generation gaming platform from Microsoft. Windows Vista brought to the table the jump from DirectX 9.x to DirectX 10, and Vista Service Pack 1 delivered the first update to the graphics infrastructure taking the version to 10.1. At this early stage in the development of Windows 7, Microsoft has failed to offer any clues as to the future of the most popular gaming platform worldwide. The company did not even reveal if DirectX 11 will be a component of Windows 7 or if it would be served as a standalone product. But this does not mean that Windows 7 is not aimed at revolutionizing the way users game on their PCs, courtesy of the WGX Windows Platform Development.

"The WGX Windows Platform Development is an agile development team focused on making games a first class citizen on the Windows OS platform. Tasked with defining and implementing the Windows Gaming Platform efforts for Windows 7 and beyond, this team is staffed to plan and develop specific platform enhancements for gaming on Windows. In addition this team coordinates and works in close cooperation with Windows gaming development efforts taking place across other groups in the Interactive Entertainment & Devices (IEB) division. Initially tasked with leading the future efforts on the Windows 7 platform and gaming improvements to Vista for E&D, this team is the owner of the Windows gaming platform for Microsoft," reads an excerpt out of the details for a position of Software Development Engineer on Test on the WGX Windows Platform Development team.

And yes, you did read right. Microsoft is looking not only to the next generation gaming platform - Windows 7, but also onward to Windows 8. The job comes with the promise to integrate gaming and entertainment passion with everyday work, and with the chance to influence the entertainment experience associated with the PC. The impact of the WGX Windows Platform Development team is not limited to pushing Windows forward as a gaming platform, but also to deliver changes that would reverberate across the entire gaming industry. DirectX 11 anyone?

"WGX is delivering the next great Windows Client gaming features, including updates to the popular Games Explorer, improvements to the inbox games, and other features to delight hard core and casual gamers alike. Own a critical part of Microsoft's overall entertainment strategy and develop strong partnerships with industry leading technology, service, and development groups," Microsoft added.

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