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Ok, Ice Armor, Frost Warding, Mana Shield and on to battle! A Frostbolt to begin with and… and nothing. Lag. Before you get to cast the Damage over Time spell, the computer starts stuttering because the antivirus has just decided to update or thought there was something suspicious.

Before you know it, you’ve got half of the life you had at the beginning, if you’re lucky and haven’t already found yourself on the losing end of the P v P.

Many can relate to the short story above, perhaps the game might differ, but the result is the same. That’s why true gamers often turn off their anti-virus and firewall protection while playing online. Fatal error, the system resources drained are not worth getting infected over them. That’s why security firm Bullguard has announced that it needs gamers to beta test its new version of the software, specifically designed to cause as little disruption as possible, Web User reports.

The software will create a specific profile for each of the games somebody plays and will then adjust the way it works in order to achieve harmony between the resources demanded both by game and anti-virus. That’s the pompous way of saying it, the real scenario is that Bullguard’s product will adjust and require itself as little as is available.

Those interested in helping the project see its end are welcome to register for free on the company’s website and receive access to the Bullguard Gamer’s Edition. The one requirement the developing team has is that players provide feedback on the performance of the beta code, so it can be worked on until the official release, at a date unconfirmed yet.

How about it? Raiding Illidan will be the experience it was meant to be and no interference from any software will occur. Girlfriends, however, are a different story.

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