Useful Secrets of Gmail Service

When the time to select a free email service comes, you will notice that there are many options available on the Internet. The free email services, as well as some payed ones, could have various limitations, like the file upload size, email forwarding and more.

Gmail is a free email service offered by Google, which provides more than 6 GB disk space for your inbox. You are also allowed to use the amount of free disk space as an online storage solution. Gmail provides you efficient solutions to access, forward or organize your email messages.

When you manage the email messages on your Google account, there are a few tricks that might help you to improve messages processing strategies. For example, in order to gain time when you want to read or compose a new message, you can use shortcuts which are available after you enable this option in the Gmail settings.

There are also available many plugins specific to a certain web browser that provide you more functionality in using Gmail services, like dragdropupload Firefox add-on. By using this Firefox plugin with Gmail service you can drop the files from your desktop right over the "Attach a file" link.

Regarding the email messages organizing, you can sort your messages using colored labels as a function of their priority. The labels are very easy to define and, when they are used in combination with email filters, your tasks management will become clearer.

Gmail also allows you to manage multiple accounts, to move the inbox content to a different email account, search the email messages using Google search, open Microsoft Office documents without the need of a third party application and more. You can even synchronize the inbox automatically on any type of mobile device. Due to the amount of features offered, Gmail will help you to improve the modality of dealing with your inbox by providing you simple but powerful options for email messages processing.

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