Yahoo Messenger Supporting up to 2GB File Transfer?

Following the recent updates of Yahoo Messenger, users around the web are discussing about the new features, most of them being quite pleased of the improvements.

However, one of the articles that really caught my attention is posted on Mashable and sustains that the new Yahoo Messenger for Mac supports file transfer of up to 2GB. At this time, there's no official statement regarding this potential function, so we're still expecting to find out if this is real or not.

However, the Sunnyvale company seems to be more and more focused on its instant messaging software, as it recently debuted several ways to allow people to communicate with their Yahoo contacts.

For example, the new flavor of Yahoo Mail lets its users to connect and chat on Yahoo Messenger straight from its interface without the need for another software. In addition, Yahoo has also rolled out Web Messenger, a web-based version of the application, which lets you talk with your friends straight from the window of your browser.

In addition to all these features, the Sunnyvale giant has developed two new versions of the downloadable program, compatible with other operating systems besides Windows XP. That's why the users of the latest flavor of Windows, Vista, and the Apple consumers who are currently using Mac OS X have the chance to install a special version of Yahoo Messenger compatible with their systems.

And besides all these features, the competition on the instant messaging market may bring some new and revolutionary functions. For instance, the Mountain View rival Google may introduce in the next months a special function supposed to assure the translation of the conversation between two Google Talk contacts, which would mean that two users in different countries could easily communicate using their native languages.

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