Leo4Allv3 - Running Mac OS X Leopard on both Intel and AMD

Want to try running Mac OS X Leopard on Intel or AMD machine?

After a lot of hard work eddie11c is proud to present his latest and third release candidate of the Leo4All Series - Leo4Allv3.

This release has a totally rebuilt filesystem, which includes all of the updates. The DVD now supports AHCI mode with more than only two drives, thanks to updated kexts contributed by Cyclonefr. X11 is included and properly working for both Intel and AMD. If you experience a 100% cpu usage error when launching X11 for the first time, open a terminal, type xeyes & and reboot to fix the problem. PPC Emulation for AMD Computers has been fixed!

The ./RemoveVideo script has been improved, and is now called
If one boots in single user mode at the Darwin prompt and mounts the drive with

/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/mount -uw /

- options to remove video drivers, account loop fix, and extensions repair are now available. These are the most common issues that eddie11c has automated.

Currently there are no known issues to address, so hopefully the release should be available very soon.

Here’s a list of the improvements


It’s now possible to switch between different versions of ACPIPlatforms - Version 1.1.0 is used as default, but there’s 1.0.3 from Tiger available for older systems as well. Alternatively the stock version 1.2.1 can be used. Version 1.1.0 and 1.2.1 come installed with the proper version of ACPIPS2Nub for PS2 Support. This fixes the PS2 Issues


Eddie11c has included lots of different version choices of AppleSMBIOS kext. The default is Netkas Version 27, however, if you want your hack to look like a real mac, there are many others to choose from. Options are:



Netkas 9.2.0 Sleep- and 9.2.2 binpatched Kernel have been added. Be warned though, the binpatched one does not work on all AMD Machines! The default install is still Netkas 9.2.0 speedstep kernel. There are also vanilla stock kernels (9.2.0/9.2.2) available.


For those of you who have issues with FireWire, or those who just want to speed their boot time a little. This moves all of the IOFireWire kext’s to /FireWire folder in the root of your install drive.

About This Mac

The new release also includes eddie11c’s own little installer to customize “About this Mac” with your processor info. No, it does not fix memory speed, you have to do that with AppleSMBIOS. It should work for all languages and should report overclocked CPU’s properly as well.

Power Management

The Laptop power management bundle has now been added to the install. You will still need to set it up in system preferences. This is known to have a few minor bugs, though. It may not report the proper time remaining or any time remaining for that matter, so use at your own risk.


This option is checked and greyed out by default. It is Dense’s script to install EFI and make the partition active. If you already have an existing bootloader (like from Vista) on the same logical drive, then it will not overwrite it. It will however flag the partition you installed to active, so you will have to manually set your Windows partition active again if needed.

Chipset Drivers

(NOTE- JMicron is the only driver that always installs so please choose at least 1 option, some will have to choose 2 [if you have Marvell IDE and Intel SATA for example] ) There are only 6 choices here.

Nforce chipsets - If you have a SATA DVD choose the NforceTest. If you have Nforce without, eddie recommends choosing the older version labeled Nforce 2/3/4/5. If you have more than 4Gigs of RAM be prepared to crash during install. Please remove 2Gigs of RAM and try again.

SiliconImage - Eddie has not found anyone to confirm if this works or not yet, it should if anyone out there actually uses it.

VIA, SiS, Marvell and SB - Please install this if you are using any of these chipsets. If you have a Marvell IDE drive please install this as they should be supported. Eddie has added many ID’s here so hopefully they all work! This chioce installs AppleVIAATA and AppleOnboardPCATA.

SAS - By request support was added for this, as of writing this its untested. Hopefully it works.

Intel ICHx - If you have ICH7/8/9 chipsets you should install this. This is the modified version by -Dune- to support more than 2 drives and fix the over 2Gigs of RAM panics.


These choices have not changed much, Eddie only added support for STAC9271 by request. If you aren’t sure what chipset you have, please choose AzaliaAudio or AC97Audio.


Graphic Drivers

Many of these packages have been updated!

X1400 Mobility

Nvidia - The drivers are updated to the latest available from the Mac Pro’s and editied to include all Device ID’s. This should cover mostly all 6XXX/7XXX/8XXX series cards.
NVinject - By request options for different version of Nvinject (0.1.3/0.2.0/0.2.1) were added. If you aren’t sure choose version 0.2.1 with the proper amount of RAM for your video card.
GMA950 - QE/CI+resolution change with some artifacts
GMA3100 - supposed to give QE/CI (Unconfirmed)

Network Drivers

ForceDeth - This is compatible with most Nforce LAN.
ForceDeth-V - This is compatible with most Nforce LAN(recommended version)
Skge - Driver for most Marvell LAN cards.
RTL8187 - Just as it says for Realtek 8187
Zydas USB - For the USB Wireless LAN adapter
Tiger IO80211 - Some Atheros cards require this Tiger version to work. Default install is IO80211 from 10.5.2
Broadcom - WLAN driver for BCM4306/4309/4318/4320/4324
RT2500 - Suppose to support Dlink WMP54G v4.0, may support some others.
ViaRhine - Just as it says, for ViaRhine chipsets
Intel 100Pro VE - Just as it says, for the Intel 100Pro VE chipset
RT2860 - Driver for some chipsets like WL-181, may also work on some others.

Good Applications

One can choose to install or not, but Eddie recommends many of these useful programs. They include:

Gumby 50c
Marvin’s AMD Utility
PackageMaker version 2.1(old harder to find)
Stuffit Expander

Support for the Leo4All Releases can be found at the dedicated Wiki.

source : infinitemac.com

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