Psystar's Mac Clone Suddenly Not Attractive Anymore

Apple high-ups must be dancing in their offices reading this. Well, not that they were afraid Psystar was going to steal away their
customers but no one needs more competition. A MacFixIt reader has revealed that Psystar "doesn't support customers attempting to install the Leopard operating system on [their] Open Computer themselves." So what if you were to experience a system crash?

The MacFixIt reader received an email from Psystar’s support team. If, of course, this isn't a joke, the email clearly states that the Miami-based Mac clone maker doesn’t support Mac OS X 10.5 - Leopard reinstallation on its Open Computer.

Although Psystar advertised its OpenMac, now dubbed the Open Computer, telling interested parties that they can either get the system free of any OS and do whatever they want with it afterwards, or have Psystar installing Leopard on it for free but pay an extra $150 (if not more) for Apple's OS, the company now seems to be actually forcing people into going for the OS-included package.

"We absolutely do not support customers attempting to install the Leopard operating system on our Open Computer themselves," says the note from Psystar support. "This is due to a difficult process that we go through to get Leopard to function on our computers. We encourage you to purchase an open computer, and select the option to have Leopard Pre-installed."

The reader, of course, asked what options he had should he experience a major system failure requiring the reinstallation of Leopard MacFixIt says Psystar suggested he returned the computer to the company. Say wha'?! Some practically reinstall their OS on a monthly basis just lack of knowledge using Apple's Mac OS.

Still, Psystar claims that Currently, shipping the computer back to them is the only option available. Also, "If the HDD dies, you can ship it to us for $50 plus shipping, so we can replace it for you," Psystar support is quoted as telling the above mentioned reader.

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