Click Web Framework 1.5 M1 released

Click 1.5 milestone 1 is available for download. This release introduces the concept of a container for building hierarchical components. The core has been refactored into pluggable services which enables support for Freemarker as an alternative template engine to Velocity. Lastly the mock package has been extended to enable unit as well as funtional testing.

A big thank you to all who made this release possible.

Important links:

Click is a stateless, page and component oriented Java web framework. It is built around concrete use cases instead of buzzwords and complex abstractions.

Pages and components are developed in Java while layouts are specified in Velocity, Freemarker or JSP. Components know how draw themselves so developers don't have to maintain redundant markup. The following introduction will provide a quick overview of how Click works and if it suits your style of programming.

New Examples:

New documentation:

Issues resolved:

  • Improved performance by rendering from a single non-blocking buffer. For some actual numbers see my answer to the first question here.
  • Added a Country Select control based on the JDK's own built in Country/Locale support.
  • Added a Virtual Keyboard control using GreyWyvern JavaScript library.
  • Added support for setting Form action URL attribute. This issue was raised by Erdem Gunay [319].
  • Added support for Page HTML imports with a new getHtmlImports() method. This enables Pages to programatically define HTML imports which will be included in a border template using the PageImports object. This issue was raised by David Frizelle [329].
  • Add Page setTemplate(String) method to enable dynamic changing of a page border template. This issue was raised by Huy Do [353].
  • Updated Page.setPath to handle JSP resources. This issue was raised and fixed by Huy Do. [141].
  • Added support for Hibernate AnnocationConfiguration. This issue was fixed by Jean-Francois. [355].
  • Improved FileUpload support. This issue was raised by Ricardo Lecheta [326].
  • Improve File Upload support with new FileUploadService class. [326].
  • Fixed Cayenne PropertySelect which is not reset to original value. This is was raised by Tore Halset [317].
  • Fixed Cayenne 3.0M3 DataObjectUtils issue in CayenneForm when using JDK 1.5. Added CayenneUtils helper class [342].

Enjoy Click.

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