Minimizing XP SP3 woes

I’m getting sporadic reports of Windows XP users having problems installing XP SP3 on some systems.

Here are some tips to help make the install process a little smoother.

* Disable AV software
It seems that some AV software causes the SP3 install to hang, while the installer seems fine with others. Disable AV software before beginning the install process.

* Uninstall beta/RC versions of SP3
You can’t apply release SP3 over earlier versions. If you’re having problems, try ininstalling previous versions through Safe Mode.

* Uninstall IE8
SP3 won’t play nicely on systems that have IE8 installed.

* Update drivers
Might help, especially if your system is running really old drivers.

* Disable unnecessary startup applications
It’s not just AV software that can cause SP3 problems. If you’re having problems getting SP3 to install then disabling as many unnecessary startup applications as you can might help.

* Possible solution to endless reboots
Win dows blogger Jesper Johansson offers some advice for thiose suffering endless reboots when trying to install SP3.

I’ve only come across one stubborn system personally and disabling the AV software seemed to fix the problem.

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