First in history, Microsoft’s Sales Profit Down..

The global economic crisis has not stopped pick the big companies. This time, the software giant Microsoft reported that the sale of products in the first 3 months in 2009 down 6 percent compared to year ago.

Quoted from the BBC, Friday (24/4/2009), this is the first quarterly decline in revenue that Microsoft override in the history of 23 years age as a public company.

Largest software producer in the world explain the amount of profits down 32 percent to U.S. $ 2.98 billion. The sales had fallen to U.S. $ 13.65 billion.

The biggest profits come from Windows operating system products and software business. However, over the global economic crisis, demand for personal computers declined, so the more effect on Microsoft.

In fact, Chris Liddell as Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft says business prospects in the upcoming quarter is also not possible in accordance with expectations.

Anticipate that, Microsoft (was a public company in 1986) continue to find a way to save the company.

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